Win Up to $2000 in Gearbest July Special Sale

Gearbest July Special SaIe is coming now!!! We have prepared $2000 for our awesome Gearbest Associates to celebrate this Crazy Sale!!!

We’ll use the sales amount between June 20 to June 30 @UTC to count the incentive plan. If you hit a level sales target between July 20 to July 30 @UTC , you win a bonus for that level.


1. To join the campaign, please click “Participate” before July.22 @UTC;

2. Sales are valid orders, which are not refunded or cancelled before Aug.31;

3. This incentive campaign doesn’t apply to affiliates from Cashback site or publishers who cooperate with additional cost;

4. Bonus will be paid on Aug.31.

For Example:

If your sales amount achieved from Jun. 20 to Jun. 30 was $2000 : X=$2000; And your sales amount from July.20 to July.30 is $8500: Y=$8500;

Then your sales growth was $6500: Y-X=$8500- $2000= $6500, so you’ll get an $90 bonus.

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