Why Choose Gearbest Associate Program?

The Significance of Choosing a Good Affiliate Project

Previously affiliate programs were used just to establish a new sales channel. None of the large promotions and organizations really paid any heed to this powerful sales channel. Now, this channel is being recognized as a way to create stable cash flow for many large companies. Affiliate marketers should, therefore, look for the best channels available. There are major benefits in choosing a good affiliate program that cares about its promoters more than the product. Some of the points which make an affiliate program significant include:

Sound structure

An affiliate program always depends upon promos and publicity. These are added so frequently that sometimes it becomes too difficult to cope with the frequency. This means the program must have a good, well organized structure to make it easy to for marketers to understand and apply.

Commission rate

This is the major deciding factor in deciding whether an affiliate program is worth joining. Whether online or offline, everyone is working for money. Commission rate should be the first point to consider.

Product Category

Promote what you interested or know is the best choice if you want to be an affiliate and make easy money! Choose a suitable product categories and give your promotional channels a good niche is the start of the success.

Cookie and Tracking System

If you want to be affiliates to make money online, the difficulty degree of making money of a program is directly deciding how much money you can earn in the end. And in this part, you need pay attention to its cookie tracking system. The longer cookie exist in the equipment, the more money you might earn, the more accurate of the tracking system, the less loss you would face.

Transfer methods

Often overlooked, this is an important issue that defines all good affiliate program: it simply means that an affiliate marketer enjoys transparency in their performance and sales stats, as well as being able to easily obtain their commission. Only genuine, well managed affiliate programs attach high value to these areas.

And each of these benefits is exactly what our GearBest Associate Team struggling for. And now, our program have developing for one year, we have some success and there are some advantages which will show you that Gearbest Associate Program is a trustworthy make money online program and it is the right one you can choose to join.

However, when we talk about online affiliate programs, most people will first think of the Amazon Affiliate Program, the first and most recognized affiliate program in the world! Similarly, for Chinese online affiliate programs, most will consider Aliexpress simply because Alibaba is the single most successful e-commerce store in China. However, after you’ve learned more about the respective affiliate programs –Amazon, Aliexpress, and GearBest – you will know why the Gearbest Associate Program is the right one to join!

Amazon Affiliate Program

 Amazon was launched in 1996 and its affiliate program operates under the name “Amazon Associates”. The affiliates can earn up to 10% commission rate. However, the earnings are not stable: the product review time window is set at 60 days, so in the event of product returns, the commission is instantly deducted from the marketer’s account. This has continually proven to be a pitfall for Amazon in terms of revenue generation, and the coverage totals are not encouraging either. Simply put, it means the increase in sites using the Amazon associate program is negligible.


Launched in 2010, Aliexpress.com is an online retail service platform comprised of mostly small Chinese businesses offering products to international online buyers. With its affiliate program, Aliexpress offers a flat 10% commission rate on electronic and clothing products. Another point to consider is the fact that it offers only one commission payout option i.e. wire transfer severely limiting its flexibility. The product review time of 60 days is also far too long.

GearBest Associate Program

GearBest.com was launched in 2014, a company offering mainly consumer electronic goods. Now is a Global Top 40 online store based in China. It means that, unlike Amazon affiliates, GearBest affiliates are able to channel all their energy towards a specific niche. What’s more, it start to build its localized online stores, and now there are 8 sub-stores, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, French, Russia, UK and USA. This not only boosts productivity but also ensures the best outcome in terms of revenue generation for the website and affiliates. First launched in May, 2016, the Gearbest Associate Program has enjoyed amazing growth due to the strong reputation and high quality products of GearBest.com whose massive growth rate of 800% annually underscores the company’s commitment to business and its customers. The best part is the order review time which is a mere 30 days – most affiliate marketers argue for this period. This is because the chances of commission refunds decrease with short review times. On the other hand, 30 days are enough for any product to be checked thoroughly by customers. A general commission rate of 14% consistently exceeds both Amazon and Aliexpress. Together with a variety of versatile payment options, the GearBest.com affiliate program is an exceptional choice for tech affiliates at all levels.

And there is a table about the Associate program differences between Gearbest, Amazon and Aliexpress.

CommissionUp to 14%Up to 10%10% flat rate
Electronic productsUp to 9%4% - 5%8% flat rate
ClothingUp to 14%7%8%
Cookie Validity30 daysOne sessionOne session
PaymentCash (PayPal + Webmoney
+ bank transfer) + Coupons
+ GB products + GB Points
+ GB Gift Card
Wire Transfer or Gift CardWire Transfer
Order Review Time30 days60 days60 days

Based on the data presented and the many advantages, the GearBest Affiliate Program is the best option for all ambitious marketers.

Also, it is an easy and free project to join! Come on guys, follow us!

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Guide Tutorial:

  1. Register an Gearbest Associate Account
  2. Know the details of Your Account
  3. Know how to create a Promotional Link
  4. Know how to check your promotional result
  5. Know how to transfer the Payment

Help: https://affiliate.gearbest.com/index/help




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