[Feb 27–March 6] Earn 15% Commission with This $15 Men’s Sandal

Because of the passion for passing a good and quality life to the world, this year, Gearbest has pushed out many awesome men and women clothing and footwear.

This week, our Weekly Star Gear is also selected from this niche market.

Product Name: ZEACAVA Explosion Models Men’s Sandal Cross-Border Large Size Beach Shoes

Normal price:$56.52

Flash Price: $14.56

Help Save: $41.96 (74% )

Commission Policy:

15% for NEW customers / 10% for EXISTING customers (Feb 27–March 6 @ 09:00 UTC)

Benefits of Promoting This Men’s Sandal

There are many talking points of promoting this men’s sandal.

The top ones are below two:

  • Exclusive commission rates: from Feb 27–March 6, you are able to get 15% commissions by referring it to a new customer. For an existing customer, you can earn 10% commissions from us.
  • Higher conversions: on the one hand, the price of this sandal is affordable and not expensive. The flash price is $14.56. Promoting it right now and your customers are able to save $41.96 (74%). On the other, men’s sandal is a seasonal product and almost a necessity. Both are beneficial to your conversions.

For this reason, you don’t have to worry that your marketing efforts would come to zero.

Main Features Of The ZEACAVA Men’s Sandal

Round Toe Shape

The shoes are designed with round toe shape, making it durable and super comfortable to wear. Hence it is great for any indoor and outdoor activities.

In addition to it, the shoes are particularly perfect for walking, running, beach sport, pool, and swimming.

Therefore, I believe your customers will love to wear this sandal everywhere at any time.

PU Material

The slipper made of PU material, which is great for below points:

  • Flexible: It is easy to wear and take off.
  • Portable: The shoes are very light-weight and portable.
  • Top-quality: this material is wearable and of top-quality. With it, your feet will be fully protected from being hurt by sharp objects.
  • Ultra-thin: With a strong wicking performance of the stretchy ultra-thin material, it will make users feel comfortable fit just like socks. 
  • Water Friendly: These are the water-friendly men’s sandals. From the beach to the lake or just hanging out by the pool, this style can handle the splashes.
  • Slip-resistant: The slippers are slip-resistant, and always deliver a sure step. Get ready for any water adventure sir!

Nice Looking

ZEACAVA beach shoes have three nice colors: blue, yellow and black. It provides a new sense of freedom, originality and wardrobe creativity.

The combination of casual slippers and sports-style shoes together to continue in today’s highly competitive footwear market to provide the most original fashion means looking series.

Are you an affiliate earning part of your income from the niche of men’s and women’s clothing? If you are, well, I don’ see any excuse why you should leave this item out of your promote-list.

If you are not, then give yourself a kickstart in this venture. Diversify your income and allow yourself to earn much more than you could otherwise have done.

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