[March 6–13] Earn 12% Commission with Alfawise New Arriving SmartWatch

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

This is a principle many people stand by.

But forget about it, now I’ll unveil the newest Weekly Star Gear…and it’s a smartwatch…hmm!

With this watch, I am afraid your faith will turn to be another one: stay healthy, stay active, stay connected.

Product Name: Alfawise DX26 Sports Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Normal price:$23.31

Flash Price: $22.99

Help Save: $0.32 (1%)

Commission Policy: 12% for NEW customers / 9% for EXISTING customers (March 6–13 @ 09:00 UTC)

This is a BRAND NEW smartwatch from loved-by-all brand:Alfawise.

With so many stunning functions to note, let’s take an overview with an explainer photo.

How do you feel?

Keep reading, you’ll fall in love with this watch in a minute.

Features Of Alfawise DX26 SmartWatch

  • Luminous dial: Clearly see time at dark night.
  • Most popular sporty look: Off-road style, black and military green watch bands optional.
  • Multiple functions
  1. Timing, date, and stopwatch functions.
  2. Supports steps counting, incoming call, and short message remind.
  3. Message notification from Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, and other social media.
  • Take photos in remote: Push watch buttons to take photos via mobile phone.
  • 50 meters underwater available: Waterproof can wear it while hand washing and shallow water swimming.
  • No need to charge power, standby over 12 months: CR2430 standard button battery, no need of everyday USB cable charge.
  • Compatible with plenty of APPs: All APPs available for Android 4.4 (or higher) and iOS 8.0 (or higher) can be installed on Alfawise DX26 smartwatch.

Go back to these first lines.

Why am I saying the watch would change your faith?

Here’s the answer!

  • Stay active: The power saving mode can last up to 12 months. Say goodbye to charging every day!
  • Stay healthy: Master your exercise and calories consumption at any time and anywhere, monitoring your raining status at any time.
  • Stay connected: It can also serve as a call and message reminder. Support Wechat, QQ, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. You’ll get never lost.

Limited to the post length, today we’ll only select some of the main features to share with you. For more details, go check the product display page.

If you are already cleared and personally want to throw the product to your shopping cart.

Then take action. Share the post and tell everything about this watch to your dear customers! 

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