Reports|Track Your Sales Growth And Earned Commission

You’ve chosen the product.

You’ve created your affiliate links.

You’ve driven sales to Gearbest.

Now, where’s the cash?

From our user dashboard, the Report section offers a wide range of data including your sales and earned commission from your referrals. This post is a complete guide to show you how to get marketing insights and statistics.

Performance – Know your overall sales stat

When you click the “ Reports ”, three sub-menus are available: Performance, Ad Report and Order Report.

In the “ Performance” tab, the following promotion details are available:

 Clicks: The overall clicks occurred on your affiliate links.

 Sale Amount (USD): The number of sales in dollars that an associate gets from his customers.

 Order Count: It’s the total number of individual orders an associate has generated.

 Commission (USD): The total income an associate receives for generating sales.

 Conversion: A rate of the number of times an affiliate link has lead to a sale vs. the number of times the link has been only viewed, shown in percentage.

With the search bar, you can get a clear picture of your promotion results based on date.

Ad Report – Analyze data of each affiliate link

In this part, you can check your sales detailed situation. Click the “ Ad Report” tab, it will display you the following page.

You can analyze your ad data of each affiliate link about:

 Clicks: The overall clicks occurred on the specific click.

 Registration Count: how many people registered to be a Gearbest customer through your affiliate link.

 Order Count (Total/ Finish):  “Total” means the quantity of the orders, “Finish” means the quantity of the paid orders.

 Orders Total {Paid(USD)/Pending(USD)}: Paid(USD) means the amount of the paid orders, Pending(USD) means the amount of the unpaid orders.

And according to the results of your analysis, you can choose to “ edit ” the links or “copy ” the materials to promote again!

Order Report – Track your customers’ order situation

Click the “Order Report” tag, you can track your customers’ order situation. For convenient to your analysis, you can select all available options including link ID, Associate ID, Order ID, Date, Commission Status, Sub-domain, Country, Order Status, New/Existing customers to reach your mind to check the orders.

Based on your selections, you can see your customers’ order ID.  Click the Order ID, you can know what kind of /how many products they have ordered. And you can know the order resource, sale amount, commission, commission state and the source of the orders. Clicking on “Export”, you’ll be availed to a sales sheet report.

What I need to clarify further there is about the Commission Status and Order Status.

 Commission Status: It includes Pending and Approved. “Pending” means the orders are under a 30-day Order Validation Period“Approved” means the order commission is allowed to be transferred.

 Order Status: It includes Normal, Canceled and Refunded. “Normal” means the orders were finished successfully, “Canceled” means the orders were canceled by the customers under the 30 order reviewed days, the related commission will be cut from your all commission as well. “Refunded” means the orders were canceled by the customers after the 30 reviewed days, the related commission still belongs to you, we won’t cut it from your account.

Income Report – analyze your commission and bonus data

From the page, an “Income Report” overview will come into sight. The line chart displays your commission/bonus trend over time by selecting a time period – Day/Month/Year.

Then, you will see a commission table and a bonus table. It gives you information about your commission/bonus.

To get the report that reaches your mind, you’ll have to specify your associate ID, the from-to date, on what device your earnings was made, and then initiate “Search”.

In the commission table, on what devices the commission was generated, how many orders the commission has resulted from, how much the total amount of the orders is, and the amount of commission credited to you between your selected dates. In the last column, you will know exactly on what date the commission was originated and the related orders.

In the bonus table, you can see the bonus quantity and amount. In the “Details” column, you can see on what date the bonus was created and the campaign from which the bonus has originated.

From this “ Reports” area, you can well know your promotion situation, and it is better for you to analyze and react to the result to boost your sales!

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