Tutorial 4: Know more about the “Reports”


This tutorial is about the Ad Report, which will help you to analyze your promotion data. Let’s follow me and know more about it!

When you click the “ Reports ”, three sub-menus are available: Performance, Ad Report and Order Report.


View all of your promotion data here. Click the “ Performance” tab, you will see the following page. You can check your promotion performance about the Clicks, Sale Amount ( USD), Order Count, Commission (USD) and Conversion which can help you know more about your promotion results based on date!

2.Ad Report

In this part, you can check your sale detailed situation. Click the “ Ad Report” tab, it will display you the following page. You can analysis your ad data of each product link about the click number, Order Count ( Total/ Finish), Total means  the quantity of  the orders, Finish means the quantity of the paid orders. Orders Total {Paid(USB)/Pending(USB)}, Paid(USB) means the amount of the paid orders, Pending(USB) means the amount of the unpaid orders. And according to the results of your analysis, you can choose to “ edit ” the links or “copy ” the materials to promote again!

3.Order Report

Click the “Order Report” tag, you can see your customers order situation.For convenient to your analysis, you can select all kind of options such as link ID, Associate ID, Order ID, Date, Commission Status, Sub-domain, Country, Order Status, New/Existing to reach your mind to check the orders. Based on the following page, you can see their order ID,  click the Order ID, you can know what kind of /how many products they have ordered. And you can know the order resource, sale amount, commission, commission state and the source of the orders.

And what I need to  clarify further there is about the Commission Status and Order Status. About the Commission Status, it includes Pending and Approved. Pending means the orders are under the  30 days order validation period, Approved means the orders commission can be transferred. And about Order Status, it includes Normal, Canceled and Refunded. Normal means the orders were finished successfully, Canceled means the orders were canceled by the customers under the 30 order reviewed days, the related commission will be cut from your all commission as well. Refunded means the orders were canceled by the customers after the 30 order reviewed days, the related commission still belongs to you, we won’t cut from your account.


From this “ Reports” area, you can well know your promotion situation, and it is better for you to analysis and react to the result to boost your sales! Hope it can help you!


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