New GearBest Associates Guider: Tips to get Sales

Getting sales and earning commission is the final steps for our promotion. How to help ourselves to get more sale, this is what our associates should consider. Here are my advice, you can check and try it.

1. Product selection: Choose the hottest products or specific products which will be popular among your customers, the products with coupons, or the cost-performance well products which will be easier to bring sales.

2.When you want to promote a product, you can buy one and review it to introduce it or show its quality to your customers, it will raise your conversion rate effectively. Or if you don’t have enough budgets, you can find some related Video on our GearBest Channel.

3.Know more about the intensity of our GearBest promotion activities, prepare your own promotion plan ahead of time and provide deals information to your customers in time. It will help you to build a believable expression to your customers and they will buy from you if they want to buy products on GearBest.

4.Choose the promotion channels which your target marketing countries use more, it will help you to catch your target customers’ attention.

Above all, it is what I though it can help our associates to get sales, wish it is helpful for you. Or if you has any advice, you can comment or contact me via our Facebook Page to discuss it.

By the way, there is a New Associates Privilege Earn Extra $20 for your first $200 Sales. Let’s start the engine for it!

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  1. Klasse Tipp Andre!!hab mir zwar gerade 2 Gummiarmbänder von Gearbest liefern lassenaber so ein Stahl-Armband hält ja wohl doch ein bischen länger^^.gleich bestellt zu 2,45€und wenn Du nochmal so einen Gutschein für ein schwarzes Stahl-Armband finden solltestbitte auch hier reinstellen okay??und vielen Dank erstmal für diesen Gutschein hier!! Gruß Jens

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