How to Make Money on YouTube with Gearbest Associate Program

With the development of the GearBest Associate Program, more and more Associates have joined our success story, often earning considerable money with us. Some also have their own YouTube Channel or want to create a YouTube Channel to review or test products for their subscribers, so they can test and experience the products before offering them for purchase from their monetized links.

However, there are some situations when Associates ask GearBest staff directly for free products just because they have joined the Associate Program. If there is no channel or it’s not updated regularly, this is obviously a clear and obvious risk, so naturally we are unable to offer free products in this way. We are confident that most of our Associates can understand this.

As we all know, regardless of the business, you need to carefully prepare the foundation to convince others that your idea is workable before they can support you.

So, I have some tips for you to start your GearBest Business via YouTube, to maximize the chances of your business success.


  1. Choose your channel name and develop as your Brand identity 

Nowadays, there is a trend where customers are more willing to buy from people they know and trust. This is why there are more and more Big YouTubers. But one thing you should keep in mind is that you should make your customers feel comfortable and show that you genuinely care about helping them solve their problems or meet their purchase needs.

Advice: Give your business a public face: customize your channel with colors, images, links, relevant information, and more, to make a statement. This is a great opportunity to reinforce and develop your brand identity by using your logo, color palette, tone, and slogans so that viewers associate the video with your business.


  1. Be professional on the video you making.

When you make a video, you need to show your professionalism at all times – in terms of the products or related activities. Of course, this should be balanced with accessible content that isn’t overly technical or complicated. In short, be friendly but keep the content professional and understandable for the best results.

Advice: If you want to test products from GearBest, don’t remove it from the packaging as soon as you receive it. Instead, make a video that walks through the unboxing process, then the review and testing steps.


  1. Guarantee the quality of the video

You should pay special attention to your video-making and editing, shooting the video with a high -quality camera. Always speak clearly and confidently to your viewers, don’t add unrelated content and try to keep your video under three minutes in length.

Advice: If you don’t have sufficient budget to do this at the start, you can use your smart phone camera or, even better, a digital camera.


  1. Keep the videoscoming

If you want to use video as an effective marketing tool, you need to have video! Remember that you need to update your channel regularly. The most popular YouTube channels offer a high volume of consistently updated and fresh content. Finish each video with a reminder for the viewer to Like the video and subscribe to the channel if they enjoyed the content.

Advice: If you don’t have sufficient budget to purchase products to review, you can try to introduce tech related news on the latest products or promotion activities to support your content. Of course, you can try to ask us for support, but you should first make yourself worth trusting and supporting.

Some Related Video-making Examples:

Unboxing/Testing/Review: (Can make into three videos)



Introduce GearBest Promotion Activities:

Products News:

Coupon Code Offer:

GearBest Shopping Tutorial:


  1. Put Thought into Your Titles

Making a Great Title is a half of your business success. Titles are weighed heavily in YouTube searches (powered by Google), so whenever people search YouTube the same way they do on Google – with keywords and phrases that describe what they’re looking for – smart titles should be heavily optimized. So don’t give your videos boring, non-descriptive titles.

Advice: Make sure everything under the SEO umbrella is taken care of. Ensure your title includes all industry relevant terms as well as the word video or clip. Also fully use the YouTube tag tool to create specific and focused, search-friendly tags for your clip.


  1. Write a Great Description

The description field is not only for business and website information, it’s also a place for optimizing content to increase search rankings, as YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Always make sure the description beneath your video has keyword relevant content. What’s more, it’s important that people know how to find your business once they’ve viewed your YouTube video. For most businesses the aim of your video is to direct people to your business profile. Make it easier for your viewer by including the link to your page in the description field below the video. The last thing you want is for them to search for your business and have your competitors come up in the search results.

Advice: Don’t always link to your homepage, you need to link to the relevant internal pages too. Whats more, the promotional link (ideally a shortened link) should be positioned in the front of other content and do not put too many links on it. Make sure your calls to action are clearly included in the video itself: what do you want the viewer to do as a next step? It can include: contacting you for more information, subscribing to your YouTube channel, leaving you feedback, sharing your video on their social network channels, or some other desired action. Be specific.

  1. Get more traffic

If you make a video, you need to attract a large audience, so it is seen by as many viewers as possible. So traffic is vital if you want to monetize views, and great traffic will make your dreams come true.

Advice: 1. When you set up a YouTube channel, remind and encourage viewers to Like and subscribe to ensure repeat visits and loyal viewers for each video (in-video and text description)!

2.Posted a new video you want your viewers to see and share? Write a blog post about it — or tweet the link, or post it on Facebook. Use an aggressive multi-channel approach to pull in more traffic and build a bigger following.

3.Make collaborative videos: look for popular YouTube channels that complement (rather than compete with) your business, and try pitching the idea of a collaboration. Viewers love seeing YouTube favorites working with others, and creators benefit from extra exposure. This grows your audience scope, and is also known as ‘cross-promotion’. The more you share your peers’ content, the more they will share yours, so partner with people who have a similar online presence. Create a cross-promotion strategy: reach out to potential partners and discuss your collaboration.

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We hope that this guide is a useful primer for any aspiring Associates who want to monetize their content on YouTube. Stay tuned for even more articles! If you have any ideas or tips about How to make money with affiliate program on Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Google+, Instagram……Welcome to share with me!

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