The Best Campaign in Late Summer | 2018 GearBest Treasure Hunt Sale is on the Horizon!

While the summer is leaving us away, a big event that is 2018 GearBest Treasure Hunt Sale is on the horizon, and along with it, will come hundreds of discounts, bundles, special offers and bargains on a wide array of tech and games, among many other things. If you are the one who would like to grab those stunning products, you are in the right place.

2018 GearBest Treasure Hunt Sale timeline:

We will start things off with a look at how 2018 GearBest Treasure Hunt Sale is planned on our agenda. The specific activity time is as below:

  • Treasure Hunt: Aug 29 @ 15:00 UTC+8 -Sept 3 @ 15:00 UTC+8

–Join our massive Treasure Hunt full of glittering deals!

  • Deal Vault: Sept 3@ 15:00 UTC+8 -Sept 10 @ 15:00 UTC+8

–Behold! Our epic Deal Vault opens with insane bargains!

  • App-Exclusive Game: Sept 10 @ 15:00 UTC+8 -Sept 17 @ 15:00 UTC+8

–The final countdown! It’s your last chance for discounts!

Bottom Line:

Still, there’s a lot of generous discounts and exciting games in store for you. We will inform you on August 29th, do follow us and get first-hand campaign information.

Click here to join our great event:  GearBest Treasure Hunt

If after all of that, you still haven’t found your dream deal, play our Secret Wishing Pool game. Roam our Electronics Hunting Ground to capture deals at up to 50% off. Enter our Lifestyle Treasure Zone for 100% essential gadgets to make life easy. Come on, folks, it’s Time to Gear Up and Go-Go-GO!

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