Huge Bumper Harvest Campaign Summary (Part 1-4)

Hi, Awesome Associates, firstly, a massive THANK YOU for all your incredible support and hard work. GearBest is giving back with our massive Bumper Harvest Incentive Campaign!

With the end of our Bumper Harvest Party, all of our Incentive Campaign results are out! Thanks to our Amazing Associates, our Gearbest Associate Program has received a truly crazy result during the Bumper Harvest! During this Quadruple Incentive Campaign, compared to the same period last month:

  • Our combined sales amount was 61% higher
  • Our Order Countwas a truly massive 159% higher
  • The Average conversion rate increased by 241%

Naturally, with results this insane, it meant up to 1,200 (!) Associates reached our special incentives goal to win the incentives Bonus and the incentive commission bonus. According to our statistics, the total bonus payout is over $300,000 USD in total. What a crazy number!!!


And now, folks, it’s time to find out the result of our Incentives Campaign!

The result of our incentive campaign #4: Win Your EXTRA Bonus

Yes, the results are finally in. From Sep 11 to 18 (inclusive), and in accordance with our incentive campaign#3 rules, we have two sets of results.

Firstly, there were:

  • Over 400 Associates who qualified for a commission rate increase of 1%
  • About 1,200 Associates qualifying for a 2% bonus increase
  • This allows both groups to enjoy even higher commission per sale!

Note: The commission rate bonus came into effect on Sep 11 @ 02:00 UTC on our system.

Secondly, during our Main Event party, based on our Gearbest Associate Program, the Total Order Revenue (USD) was 58% higher while the Order Count was 106% higher. In addition, the average conversion rate was 121% higher than the period from August 24 to Sep 5.

Wow! The bottom line? It’s a truly INCREDIBLE achievement! A HUGE Thank You to all you amazing guys for your stunning effort!

To sum up, approximately 1,000 Associates reached the Incentive Campaign #4 target to win the awesome bonus. According to our data statistics, the total bonus payout is worth up to $120,000USD!

Crazy isn’t it? If you met the conditions to win the Bonus, please hurry to contact us to claim your bonus ASAP before October 6:

  • GearBest Associates, please contact
  • GearBest Third Party Affiliates, please contact your Affiliate Managers!


The result of  Incentive Campaign#3: Win a HIGHER commission rate

Our Main Event Promo (Sep 11 @ 17:00 UTC+8 – Sep 18 @ 24:00 UTC+8) have began, and the result of our Incentive Campaign #3 had come out, our related affiliate managers have informed the winners who can win higher commission rate via email, and we have set the commission rate for them on Sep 11 @ 10:00 UTC+8 in our Gearbest Associate Program System. Congratulations to the winners, and wishes all of you can get a great result on our Incentive Campaign #4.

The result of our Giveback Lottery

According to our rules, the affiliates who sales amount from Sep 1 to 5 (inclusive) increases comparing to the sales from Aug 27 to Aug 31, can  join our Special Giveback Lottery  to win OnePlus 5! And there are more than 1000 affiliates can join the lottery, Gearbest Associates join the lottery with their Associate ID and our Gearbest Third Party  Affiliates join the lottery with then Unique Race Number offered by us. And with the help of  our partner  Janice, we held the lucky draw on September 7th about  20:00@ UTC+8.

Now the Winner list is coming, let’s check it!


Congratulations to all the winners, our related affiliate managers will contact with you via your email address recently, please pay attention to your email box. And if you want to know more about our lottery process, please check our Facebook Page, the lucky draw video is there!

Hope you all enjoy it. We really appreciate your cooperation and supports, and we will prepare more kind of events to reward all of you in the future!



 The result of our Top Sales Amount Ranking Battle!

The results are in, folks:
From Aug 15-31 (inclusive), the total order revenue (USD) was 37% higher than the first half of August in 2017, and the total Sale Order Volume was 49% higher. In addition, the average conversion rate was 24% higher than the first half of August in 2017. Wow! That is a truly INCREDIBLE achievement for August. HUGE thank you all you amazing guys for your stunning effort!

For a full breakdown of this awesome result, let’s welcome the Top 30 Associates!

Note: Please send your PayPal account details to before September 7, so we can send the Bonus to you before September 15. Please understand that delays in sending this account information to us will delay payment.

Congratulations to all the winners! And there are of course many, many associates who also played an important part in this battle who have made similar progress with their sales! We are proud of each and every one of you!

Stay strong and keep charging ahead, associates! There are another 3 incentives waiting for you! Our Incentive campaign #2 is currently live for Super September! Don’t waste any time, check it out and start earning right now!

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