Bumper harvest Incentives for GearBest Affiliates

Hi Associates, Great News is coming! We have a Super September Promotion to mark the new Autumn season. Get ready for the Bumper harvest Party on gearbest.com. The timetable for the promo is:

Preheat Phase: September 6–11

Main Event: September 11 – 18

After-Party: September 18–25

To celebrate in style and share the happiness with all our Amazing Affiliates, we created an extra September Incentive Campaign for you guys to enjoy a truly bumper harvest September! In total, you will enjoy 4 incentive Campaigns this September, let’s check them out!


*For our awesome affiliates can better understand our incentive Campaign #3 and #4, we have prepared Multi-language Version of it, please check them if you need!

German Version, Italian Version, French Version, Spanish Version, Portuguese Version, Russian Version.

Incentive Campaign #3: Win a HIGHER commission rate (Sep 7 @ 00:00 UTC+8 – Sep 9 @ 24:00 UTC+8)

Sep 6 -11 is the preheat time of our GearBest Super September Sale, while the Main Event runs from Sep 11-18. That means Incentive Campaign #3 will take place for our Gearbest Associate Program!

Win HIGHER commission rate for Our Main Event Promo

Traffic during Sep 3-5 vs. traffic during Sep 7-9:

If it increases by 15%, your commission rate for the Main Event Promo will Increase by 1%;

However, if it increases by 30% or more, your commission rate for the Main Event Promo will increase by 2%!

Trend of Sale

Note: Main Event Promo (Sep 11 @ 17:00 UTC+8 – Sep 18 @ 24:00 UTC+8), we will set the commission rate for you on Sep 11 @ 10:00 UTC+8 in our Gearbest Associate Program System.

Incentive Campaign #4: Win Your EXTRA Bonus

1) The Associates whomeet the above Incentive Campaign#3 conditions can enjoy the commission rate increase by 1% or 2%.

2)Based on sales turnover between Aug 24 and Sep 5 2017, we will divide the results into 8 levels as follow. Each level or tier will have a different bonus up to $3,000.


Trend of Sale


For these awesome incentives, all GearBest Associates and GearBest Third Party Affiliates can participate! So if you meet the above conditions, please contact us to claim your bonus before October 6.

GearBest Associates, please contact gap@gearbest.com.

GearBest Third Party Affiliates, please contact your Affiliate Managers!


The Incentive Campaign below have finished

Incentive Campaign #1: Top Sales Amount Rank Battle (Aug 15 @ 00:00 UTC+8 – 31 @ 24:00 UTC+8)

From Aug 15 @ 00:00 UTC+8 to Aug 31 @ 24:00 UTC+8 (inclusive), rock the Top 30 Sales Amount

 Ranking Battle. The ultimate winners will win MASSIVE cash prizes! (see the picture)

Trend of Sale

The Ultimate Winners List will be published on Sep 1 @ 17:00 UTC+8 on our blog and Facebook Page. And we’ll contact winners before Sep 8 with all cash prizes paid before Sep 15! More details, please check here!


Incentive Campaign #2: Giveback Lottery (Sep 1 @ 00:00 UTC+8 – 5 @ 24:00 UTC+8)

Note: The Incentive Campaign #1 has been moved to the end of this article.

From Sep 1 to 5 (inclusive), if your sales amount has increased compared to the sales from Aug 27 to Aug 31, you will get the chance to join our Special Giveback Lottery  to win OnePlus 5!

Prize List:

1st Prize ( One Winner):  OnePlus 5 4G Phablet

2nd Prize ( Three Winners): Zhiyun Smooth Q 3-axis Stabilization Gimbal

3rd Prize ( Six Winners): Lucky Bag worth $50

Lucky Prize ( Ten Winners): KZ – ES3 In-ear Detachable HiFi Earphones

To make it a real party, Gearbest Associates and Gearbest Third Party Affiliates can also join this Lottery! We’ll announce the winners list on Sep. 8 on our blog and  the  Lottery Video will be published on Facebook Page  @18:00 UTC+8.

These are our BIGGEST ever cash prizes, so don’t delay! Get the party started!

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