Revealed: Money-saving Shopping Guide for Gearbest Mid-year Party

Hi fantastic associates, Exciting time again! Gearbest Mid-Year Mega Sale is upcoming, and this is a shopping & promoting guide for your customers and you.

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TimeLine & Highlights

In the Mid-year Mega Sale, you can plan your marketing activities in two significant periods. Below you will get an exact timetable and the noted promotions are highlighted.

Warming-up Period (June 5- June 11)

No.1 Pre-order Sale

#Deposit $5, Get $50 Growth

Pay Deposit: June 5 @7:00 to June 11 @06:59 UTC

Pay Balance: June 11 @7:00 to June 16 @06:59 UTC

NO.2 Super Deals (June 5 @16:00 to June 12 @15:59 UTC)

NO.3 Super coupons for stores (10000pcs/ day)

Time: June 5- June11

Featured: 2 Fabulous Stores

NO.4 Buy More Save More Zone

#New Fashion & Styles: Save $5 Over $30

#Household & Family Deals: 50% OFF 2nd Item

#Outdoor & Hobby Gear: Save 10% With 2 PCs

#Essential Health: Save 10% With 2 PCs

#Fast Shipping Deals: Arrive in 5 Days

Main-Event Period (June 11-June 17)

NO.1 Crazy 24H Flash Sale (June 12 @0:00- June 12 @24:00 UTC)

NO.2 Super coupons for stores (10000pcs/ day)

Time: June 11- June 14

Featured: 2 Fabulous Stores

NO.3 Loyalty Discounts: Cool Consumer Electronic, Mobile Phone, and Computer& Office Deals

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