Scream! Here’s A Game to Win Up to $8 Cash Every Single Day

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Recently Mr. Steve happened to know a game that would make him a possible $8 cash reward.

Then he was on fire talking and sharing this with his friends.

Very soon later he grabbed a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for FREE. And his friends were rewarded too.

Curious how? Find answers from below.


What’s the game & how it’ll be good for you?

Daily Cash Reward | Share & Collect is a fun game newly-introduced by GearBest, which promises you a cash reward when you complete a red-bag-collecting task: open a money bag through your mobile phone, share it on social media platforms, and let your friends help you collect the rest.

Every time you share,

  • You’ll collect a cash bag and be closer to your final goal;
  • The one who clicks your share window will get a money bag also and as the starting stone to open a new opportunity;

Bite price further and further

A piece of Alfawise Bluetooth Headphones regularly costs $17.99.

With a coupon, the price turns to $9.59.

And with an $8 USD cash bag, you can happily carry it back to home for just $1.59 (Original Price minus The Coupon minus Money Bag)!!!

That’s like a free lunch!!! Want more deals like that?

We’ve got you covered with A Top Coupon List. I bet your customers will thank you for bringing the very best 20 items to them.

★Earn commissions better and better 

Daily Cash Reward is the best NEW chance for an associate to take his business to the next level (if I have to rate it myself, I would give it a perfect 5 out of 5-star rating).

With the game,

  • You’ll make someone your customer and start getting commissions from him as long as he clicks the unique URL you share ( in the next 30 days all the orders he made at GearBest will be attributed to you if link not covered).
  • Your customer base will probably explode like never before because who don’t want awesome gears with only doughs and pennies to pay?
  • You’ll receive top-class commissions with overwhelming orders under Small Stuff Super Commission Promo.

[Share & Win]

To go with it, GearBest Associate has launched a Share & Win Freebie Game on its Facebook page.

A UMIDIGI One Max 4G Phablet (view video) to credit the RE-post star! Give yourself a chance before 7:00 17/12/2018 UTC.

How to get started?

If you don’t like this video, check our text tutorials.

Step 1:

Take your mobile phone, open the GearBest APP, see our banner map in the big banner of the popular internal area of the APP, click inside.

New users:

Download GearBest APP > Register with your phone number > go to the help page > start the game.




Step 2:

Enter the event page, click to open the bag to collect your cash.


Saying $1.92 is the amount that can be withdrawn and $0.14 is the starting amount,

then you’ll need one or more friend to help you withdraw the remaining amount ($1.92 – $0.14 = $1.78).




Step 3:

Share your link, let your friends help open the rest cash bags for you. Successful shares will automatically launch your very own cash bag, share it with your friends to help and earn again. Currently, there are four ways to share:

FB, WhatsApp, Twitter, or FB messenger.

Once you finish collecting all the cash in your money bag, you can withdraw it to your personal GB Wallet to spend at

★Things You May Need to Know:

1. If any cash in your money bag remains uncollected, it will expire in 72 hours. Don’t worry, you can restart a money bag at any time after the expiration date.

2. Each user (e.g. John) has a total of 15 withdrawal opportunities, including one daily withdrawal to his GB wallet.

Also, each of John’s friends (e.g. David)can start their own cash bag. David will enjoy3 opportunities to help John, this can be up to twice per day. David can enjoy same benefits as John by sharing to his own friends.


Ultimately this is for people who take action for ANY good-for-earning opportunity when they see one.

If that’s you, today is the day you take your cellphone out from your pocket, open a red bag, share to your friends and waits the money falling into your account.

Share & Collect NOW


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