Referral Bonus Program|Refer An Associate And Be Rewarded

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It doesn’t seem possible. (…). But it is.

It’s our easiest money-making plan ever. Sharing is earning!

Simply by referring to us your friends.


How can I earn revenue from referring an Associate?

Based on the guidelines, we provide TWO incentive rewards that you can work towards. However, for this campaign, these will only last for a certain time of period, i.e. from 04/26 00:00 to 05/26/2019 24:00 (UTC+8).

Incentive 1: More big referrals = Bigger bonuses

There are two factors should be considered as you start referring others:

 Your referral’s Quality – we’ve set monthly traffic ranges for eligible associates from different channels. The bigger the referral’s traffic flow, the higher the bonus you get.

 Your referral’s Amount – more referrals means multiple bonuses. The highest amount is US $100.

Understanding our rules

  • Your referral: The person who registered and was also approved to be a Gearbest associate through your invitation link (continue reading to learn how to get your unique link).
  • We’ll give you an additional $1 reward for each successful referral who operates in any of these niche markets: Apparel, Bags & Shoes, Watches & Jewelry, and certain Baby & Kids products.
  • Explicit traffic requirements must be met for associates coming from specific channels. Please check our minimum eligibility criteria if you want to refer a candidate.
  • Channel Traffic Definition: YouTube Subscribers; Facebook Page fans/Group members/Account followers; Blog Monthly Visitors, etc. 
  • Your referral’s latest channel update should be within one month to qualify.
  • Claim your bonus: please contact your Affiliate Manager.

Incentive 2: Help them grow, and enjoy the benefits

For each approved Associate that you recommend, you will earn a set bonus based on their sales revenue during their first 45 days of activity.


  • Incentive 1 and 2 are independent of each other and relate to different stages. You can gain bonuses from both.
  • Since the bonus you’ll get are co-related with your referral’s sales. And we will only pay commission on shipped products after an Order Validation Period. So, it will take 45 days (60 days in Brazil) for your bonus to reflect on your account.
  • Claim your bonus: please contact your Affiliate Manager.

How do referred associates enjoy special perks for joining?

We have three fantastic benefits for new associates joining us. You can use them to encourage your nominated candidates.

How to get my invitation link?

 Log into our user control panel. Hover in the area, you’ll see “Referral Bonus Program” panel in the top navigation menu.

 Click to enter, you will see your unique invitation link and a noted ‘REFER NOW’ button. You may either choose to:

 Click to share directly to Twitter and Facebook from the dashboard.

Or just copy and share any other way you like. Once the affiliates you refer to us are approved and begin earning commission, you will earn as well.

After sharing, you may want to check back this page and review the total invited accounts statistics and the referral bonus you can access to.

If you feel confused with the campaign rules, just scroll further down to view the rules and regulations of this incentive plan.


  • Your invitation link has a 15-day cookie duration. If an associate will join us after this period, a bonus will not be assigned to you because the cookie already expired.
  • Since your referral bonus is co-related with your referral’s sales. And we will only pay commission on shipped products after an Order Validation Period. So, it will take 45 days (60 days inBrazil) for your bonus to reflect on your dashboard.
  • There’s no limit on the number of people you can refer and earn from. That means truly unlimited earnings.

Tips to help you start

Here are some proven tips to help you succeed:

  • Get people to know GearBest Associate Program & New Associate Privileges.
  • Promote your Invitation Link to the noted professional affiliates/forums like Top 10 Affiliates Forums.
  • Find social media influencers under the help of strong search tools like Socialblade.
  • Be familiar with our criterion and work strategically.

Already got some qualified candidates pop up in your mind?

Wow, hurry to get them before they are invited by others.

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