No Sales Target Required: Getting Orders Earn You Bonus!

No Sales Target Required: Getting Orders Earn You Bonus!
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Incentive campaigns can be a meaningful source of additional affiliate earnings — this time it comes a little bit different.

No sales target required.

No affiliate click threshold being set.

We want to reward you for Getting Your Affiliate Orders Boosted!

Understanding our rules

In this campaign, we will compare your order quantity achieved in June and May. When your Order Growth exceeds 30%, we will reward you with a $0.5 bonus for each order above the 30% Order Growth.

 Worked Example:

If you gained 100 orders in May, then you were eligible for a bonus only if your June order quantity exceeded 130(100*130%).

If say, your actual order quantity in June was 150, then the part of orders qualified for a bonus would be 20(150-130).

For each qualified order(in this context) we offer a $0.5 bonus, so your final bonus would be $10($0.5*20).


This incentive plan in exclusive to associates whose paid orders from their customers in May equal to or above 20.

 This incentive plan does not apply to associates from Cashback and Coupon sites.

How to get my prize?

Participating in this campaign requires you to write an email to your Affiliate Manager before June 11.

If your final performance is eligible for a bonus, before July 5 you will receive our email notification of prize declaration.

You may not get our prize if we:

1). find any cheating methods being used in your affiliate orders;

2). don’t receive your participation request email before due time.

 Warm Tip:

  • For this campaign, nothing but your order quantity counts, so take low priced and larger priced items the same. Do everything that can help boost your orders. Good luck, comrades.
  • Before you rush to promote, set yourself a target to fight for. Firstly you will have to get clear with your May order quantity. The order quantity threshold for you to apply for a bonus would be: Your May order quantity*30%. Based on this threshold, EACH OF your orders wins you bonus. BOOM!