[Oct 31-Nov 7] Earn Up to 12% Commission with Yeelight YLDD04YL 2m LED Smart Strip Light 220V

I guess you possibly don’t know GearBest are selling so good a LED Strip Light if we don’t make it Weekly Star Gear of the week. It deserves a place in your Promote-list, because of its:

  • Smart voice control
  • WiFi remote APP control
  • Easy to clean PU material
  • Energy-saving and environment-friendly design

At the bottom line, it has a price that each of your customers can hardly resist – that’s $32.99 after coupon. As far as the original price is concerned, you can help your customers save $13.66 USD.

Maybe you don’t need an LED strip light in the most days of the year.

But don’t forget, Christmas is fast approaching. What better time to promote a functional LED strip light to your customers of all time?


Product Name:  Yeelight YLDD04YL 2m LED Smart Strip Light 

Original Price: $46.65

Coupon Price: $32.99

Coupon code: GBLEDDD04YL

Save: $13.66

Commision: 12% for NEW customers / 8% for EXISTING customers (Oct 10-17 @ 09:00 UTC)


The best commission leads to the best work. For this product, our commission policy is: 12% for NEW customers / 8% for EXISTING customers (Oct 31-Nov 7 @ 09:00 UTC)

And there’s one more thing your customers will probably be very happy to hear.

If they buy this smart light strip from now on, they are free to select two more goodies with much cheaper price than anyone else can get.

Both special offers and all good traits of itself altoghther make it your best choice. See why am I saying so.



The working voltage is 220V. Safe to children. It supports stitching, free and flexible, and can also cover longer sueface of objects. One of the most powerful trait is, it is widely used for home decoration, such as kitchen, under cabinet, bedroom, patio, TV Backlighting, automobile, mirror, balcony, party, wedding, Christmas decoration, hotels, clubs, shopping mall, etc – almost all place you can even think of.

Shape it, attach it to any solid surface and you can enjoy high lumen output.


Euipped with APP intelligent control, the light strip controls the light and sets the light scene through the APP on your cellphone. What a wonderful experience it is to take control of your smart home lighting wirelessly, just with a smart device!

It enables you to set your hue lights to power on with the morning sun, gently waking you, or to turn on/off as you leave or arrive home. Trust me , no human being will reject this.


Light the entire home with versatile alexa, google home, and apple homekit-compatible accessories. You will control this smart light strip with your voice – which will make people who own it feel at paradise.

For every festival, home party, exhibition and other activities, there must be a LED Strip Light, decorating your house but also lighting strongly. So why don’t give it a try? Considering the ultra-high rate it is commissioned, Yeelight YLDD04YL 2m LED Smart Strip Light might be your game changer in the upcoming Christmas.



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