[Oct 24-31] Earn Up to 12% Commission with EACHLINK H6 Mini TV Box

Everyone knows that, if you want to expand your customer case, you must try your best to delight them. Here is a chance.

An amazing TV box with supreme quality and an affordable price helps you to attract customers as many as you could even think of.

I think the only one bad thing it will bring you is that – maybe promoting this pretty TV box will inspire your customers to be a couch potato, eh?


Product Name: EACHLINK H6 Mini TV Box

Flash Sale Price: $39.99

Discount : 29% OFF

Commission: 12% for NEW customers / 8% for EXISTING customers (Oct 24-31 @ 09:00 UTC)



EACHLINK H6 Mini TV Box is on debut at GearBest. It has a  29% OFF flash sale price of $39.99, which starts at Oct.22 and will back to its original price 4 days later.

To encourage our associates to promote it, our commission policy for this product is :  12% for NEW customers / 8% for EXISTING customers (Oct 24-31 @ 09:00 UTC).

Even better, someone who buys this amazing TV box can enjoy a special price to get a UKB – 500 – RF 2.4G Wireless QWERTY English Keyboard.

Product Name: UKB – 500 – RF 2.4G Wireless QWERTY English Keyboard

Page Price: $5.99

Special Price: $3.99

You save: $2.00



A wonderful product is always loved by all. Let’s see what GearBest buyers say about it.


@Matan Korrub

We are moving and have many different size pictures and mirrors

@Richard Letko

Boxes are very sturdy, great product, took another reviews advice and opened the box the boxes come in carefully and used that one too !! Great deal for very large boxes that fit a lot.

Talking about this TV box, though there are too many qualities that worth to be introduced to you, let’s cut it short and fouse on the top selling points it has:


★ 6K Clear View

The EACEHLANK H6 offers an amazing 6K output which provides you ultra high definition viewing and fluent video playing, making it the highest resolution signal available for home movies. People who loves watching video will love to have one. Do your customers a favor and bring it to them!

★ Large Memory & Expandable Storage

Providing with 3GB RAM and 32 GB ROM, this stunning TV box enables you to enjoy unhindered multitasks. Massive storage of Android box allows you to install anything you like. You can also expand the memory via 2 USB slots and 1 TF card slot. By doing so, you will no longer need to worry about it running out of space. Wow, how cool it is!

★More Realistic

One characteristic that makes this TV box stand out from the market is that, it is equipped with 10 bit providing 1.06 billion colors and restores a more realistic world color. Thanks to it, you will get clearer immersive picture quality, optimized for your TV with crisp details and rich color. All the details will be caught by your eyes. One bad effect is that, when you own it, you will sometimes have an illusion that “ Am I watching a movie in a cinema now?”

Be hurry and promote it to your customers my dear associates. Notice that our high commission for EACHLINK H6 Mini TV Box will only last for a week.


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