[Nov 28 – Dec 5] Earn Up to 14% Commission with Utorch Ceiling Light

We’ve all been there, just getting to bed only to have a nice sleep after 8-hour-daywork as you realize you have left the parlour light open.

Then you jump from the bed and trouble yourself to turn it off.

Out of ideas for making everything in life all within your control, Utorch Smart Voice Control LED Ceiling Light has you covered.

This may be the coolest home lighting gadget you’ve ever promoted.

The strong APP*Buletooth*Voice control makes you just turn the room light off and on all from your fingertips.

Wonderfully still, the price for you to promote and the commission for you to earn are both highly enticing.


Product Name: Utorch Smart Voice Control LED Ceiling Light – WHITE 30CM / REMOTE CONTROL

Page Price: $38.99

After Coupon: $35.99

Coupon Code: GBBKPZE3WR

Amount:500 pcs

Commission: 14% for NEW customers / 11% for EXISTING customers (Nov 28 – Dec 5 @ 09:00 UTC)


To satisfy each customer’s taste, we’ve presented you with different colors & sizes.

TypePriceCoupon codeTimes
24W AC 220V WHITE 40CM $34.99GBBKPZE4W400
18W AC 220V WHITE 30CM$31.99

Note: Despite the price variations, our commission policy applies to all.

I bet you’ll probably build a reputation of always-promote-A-plus-gadget guy.

Check its strong points:


Feature #1  Wide Application

Our Utorch ceiling light is ideal for residential or commercial illumination like bathroom, kitchen, utility room, bedroom, entryway, hallway, closet, dining hall, lobby, corridor, office, workshop, balcony (and many other places where you need a bright ceiling light).

But I personally recommend it for indoor using. The three lighting mode will create three atmospheres for you to enjoy, which again will control the brightness as set your preferred lighting mood throughout the day.


Feature #2  Easy Installation

Worth to mention, this smart LED ceiling light is installation-friendly. The simple and thinner design leaves you more spaces, the introduction pamphlet gives you full details about how to install it.

We’ve received many positive reviews from the already-bought GearBest consumers. Even the most insensitive-to-install-kind-of-thing guy can do the installation with 5 minutes. Why can’t you?


Feature #3  Smart Remote Control

The smart LED Ceiling Light works with Amazon Alexa and Google home to manage your home devices through voice control.

You can control home appliances remotely and smartly by your phone or tablet using the Smart Life App and Wi-Fi network.

Prices cheap, commissions high.

In the realm of home lighting appliances, is there any better investment than the Utorch Smart Voice Control LED Ceiling Light?

If not, oh-so just promote it.

If there is, comment below to make your voice heard.


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