Mid-year Incentive: $3,000 Bonus Up For Grabs!

Mid-year Incentive: $3,000 Bonus Up For Grabs!

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PEOPLE! The day has come!
The biggest shopping festival in the first half of 2019, Gearbest Mid-year Mega Sale, is finally ~here.~
If you are searching for compelling promos, your search stops here.
Up To 80% OFF will make you smile huh?
And, don’t forget we still have insane bonus to give away in our Affiliate-exclusive Incentive Campaign!

Get Clear With Our Rules

This is a tiered bonus structure. We’ll use the sales amount you achieved from June 11-16 (inclusive, UTC) minus your sales amount achieved from June 5-10 (inclusive, UTC).

This is how the Sales Growth will be calculated. If you hit your tiered sales growth target, you’ll get a bonus for that tier.

 Please note:

  • Higher sales amount on June 5-10 higher possibility to score a bigger bonus.
  • This incentive plan does not apply to associates from Cashback and Coupon sites.

How to get my prize?

Participating in this campaign requires you to write an email to your Affiliate Manager before June 11.

If your final performance is eligible for a bonus, before June 21 you will receive our email notification of prize declaration.

The clock is ticking on…

Take advantage while you can!

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