Earn More With Merchant Stores of Gearbest

Hi, Associates. Here comes good news again: GearBest always leads and it’s getting getting even better. With GearBest top Alexa Traffic Rank and its rapidly expanding worldwide customer base, more and more merchant stores showcasing top brands have joined the GearBest Partner Program to sell directly on GearBest to bring their high quality products and class-leading service around the world.


Why Choose Merchant Stores of Gearbest


1. Strict requirements and High standards

In order to guarantee premium product quality and superior service for our services, GearBest always places strict quality assurance requirements and standards for all of its business partners.


2. Multiple Choice

As more and more merchant stores join GearBest, it underscores GearBest’s commitment and transformation into a leading one-stop shopping site. Customers benefit with greater choice: with exciting brands, cutting edge products and exclusive launches.


3. Competitive price

Shop for all goods that are direct produced by original manufacturers and suppliers, customers enjoy lowest price of these good products


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Hot Deals of Merchant Stores


And now, we have selected 4Star Merchant Stores which have sold well on gearbest recently.   To help our affiliates earn more, Gearbest offers special commission rate for these  five Star Merchant Stores’ products (except IN Game factory store :10% for New Customers / 8% for Existing Customers).

Commission Model

Products under $1.00: 50% Commission Rates Only for  New  Customers

Products under $1.01-$2.00:  30% Commission Rates Only for  New  Customers

Products under $2.01-$3.00:  20% Commission Rates Only for  New  Customers

Products under $3.01-$5.00: 15% Commission Rates Only for  New  Customers

Products under $5.01-$10.00:  12% Commission Rates Only for  New  Customers

Products over $10: 15% for New Customers

Note: This commission model is available from April 9, 2018 to April 30, 2018 @ UTC+8

Star Merchant Stores:

        MEGIR Office Store  Coupon: $2.00 OFF Over $20.00 / $4.00 OFF Over $30.00  /$7.00 OFF Over $40.00


  • Bullcaptain Store   Coupon: $3.00 OFF Over $30.00/ $6.00 OFF Over $50.00 / 30% OFF Over $1.00

  • MMD Store    Coupon: $2.00 OFF Over $10.00 / $8.00 OFF Over $30.00/ 7% OFF over $1.00
  • IN Game factory store   Coupon: $40.00 OFF Over $299.00 / $80.00 OFF Over $499.00/ 12% OFF over $1.00

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