Global launch: Up to 1000$ bonus for KOSPET PRIME 4G SMART WATCH PHONE

[Udpate 25/10/2019]The Top 10 performancers list from 10/7/2019 to 10/25/2019:

[Update 10/16/2019] New Incentive For KOSPET Prime Smart Watch

KOSPET Prime Smart Watch enjoyes a successful product launch this week. So far, we have prepared Up to 1000$ bonus for associates to earn more from promoting this watch and the results are stunning.

But wait, there’s more today. :

  1. We will award an additional $5/per pcs to associates who promote the products according to order quantity from 10/16/2019 to 10/31/2019 instead of Incentive “1% commission increase” 
  2. Associate whose sales from 10/7/2019 to 10/31/2019 ranking reaches the Top 1 is capable to win a $1000 bonus. We also have a $500 bonus for the Top 2 ranker and and a $300 bonus for the Top 3 ranker. (*Whereas, we have a selling threshold for the bonus winners, that is to sell 100 or above.)

The Top 10 performancers list will be revealed per Friday at this blog post. Keep charging back to see if you are in the list.

*Please write to your Gearbest affiliate manager to join the incentive campaign and apply bonus . 

Battery life has always been a nightmare for smart wearable devices. Most of the products need charging every day, which makes people complain incessantly.

The current Amazfit GTR has a long life, but its functions are standard, and there is nothing special that makes it stand out.

My preference, however, is a more sporty style, so I bought this KOSPET Prime sports watch.

Get to know our rule

This is a brand new product on debut. To get you off the bay, we’ve increased its commission rates by one percentage points,and you will get up to 10% commission rate to promote.Let’s take an overview.

Valid time: 14 – 20 Oct.2019 

We know you’re selective about which item you should promote so that’s why we only increase commission on a product we think would really benefit your audience and worth your time. Happy promoting.

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