How to Join our 5.23 Epic Giveaway Draw

Step 1: Sign in and enter the Ad Center to find the Custom Link Generator


Step 2: Enter the link “ ” into the “Site/Product/Category Link” box and give it a Link Name


Step 3: Click the “Create Link” button, and get the promotion link with your unique ID number.


Step 4: Click the “Copy Code” Button and share it to all your promotion channels!

Such as sharing it on Facebook:


Step 5: Send the URLs of all your posts (not your promotion link/ channels link) to your Affiliate Manager to receive the numbers to join the Lucky Draw giveaway. Good luck!


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  1. I sent it to and she dosen’t understand, so i sent her again with more details and got back the massage: “I will be out of office from May 27th to 31th due to the Dragon Boat Festival”

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