How to Generate A Deeplink in GearBest Associate Dashboard

The whole purpose of creating a deeplink is to get your customerized URL and making promotion easier by skipping some barriers.

Normally, there are four steps to create a deeplink belonging to an affiliate himself.

 Go To Deeplink < Custom Link Generator.

 Enter a Gearbest URL and Link Name into the corresponding text fields.

 Click “Create Code” or “Create Link” to pop up the code/link you need.

 Copy to use it.

To save time and generate groups of affiliate links, be sure to use the “Batch Add Links” option. You can convert bulk Gearbest URLs into affiliate links in just one minute!

 Click the Download button to obtain an Excel sheet with a Text Link template.

 Add all of your selected products to the sheet in a given format. You should see four columns in your sheet: Column A – Affiliate ID; Column B – Affiliate Site/Product/Category Link; Column C – Link Name; Column D – Sub ID.

 Save the file. Upload your newly edited sheet back to the same page. Finally, you will receive a new Excel file with newly created links ready for use.

 Note: Above steps can be repeated for creating your own customized image links.

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  1. I copy the deaplink but I can not put it in my YouTube channel discretion the discretion box get red .
    How I put in the Lin plz send me massage

  2. Buen dia llevo dias colocando publicidad con Deeplink pero nunca veo los resultados de los click que hacen pero en Bitly -me aparecen no se en que estoy fallando, me gustaria me ayudaran porque no he vuelto a publicar por eso pierdo dinero en la publicidad que he colocado. gracias

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