Global Launch:Up to 1500$ bonus for Xiaomi Note10

Gearbest have XiaoMi Note 10 for global launch in November 6 @11:00 UTC .We have two incentive plan for you to promote this global launch product.

Note:You can only choose one of these incentive plans.


#1 Incentive One

If you sell 50<pcs<=100 of XiaoMi Note 10 between Nov 6 to Nov 13@11:00 UTC,you will get extra $150 for bonus;

100<pcs<=200 units of it,$400 for bonus;

200<pcs<=300 units of it,$1000 for bonus;

More than 300 units,you will get $1500 bonus.

Here To Participate>>

· To join the incentive plan, before Nov 6 @UTC 11:00;
· This incentive plan doesn’t apply to affiliates from Cashback or Coupon site Or publishers who cooperate with additional cost.
· Bonuses will be sent before Nov 30.


#2 Incentive Two

From Nov.4 to Nov.6 @11:00 UTC :

Please share the following post ( you can adapt it ) and return the proof link by (MUST),

Post template( just forward post the or you can adapt it)

Hey, Mi Note 10 : The World’s First Xiaomi 108MP Phone is Coming on Gearbest soon!!!

Gearbest First Release Time: 2019.Nov.6 19:00 UTC+8

Why is it worth buying? Because of its most powerful features:

  • First 108MP primary camera in the world
  • 5260 mAh battery+ fast charging, which can go from 0 to full in 65 minutes
  • Along with a curved AMOLED display 

Register  “Arrival Notice” before 6th Nov. for Lower  Price:

Note: We’ll notify the early bird offer price by E-mail. Please make sure that your e-mail address is valid.

And thus you can get the bonus: +3$ /pcs from Nov.6 to Nov. 13 @11:00 UTC






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    Good day. Please I am glad to be an affiliate for Gearbest Program and a Supplier for Gearbest- Globalegrow.

    Please what is the commission for suppliers for Gearbest-Stylebest?

    Thank you and you may reply that information for suppliers in Gearbest to know with better understanding of supplies.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Yours faithfully,

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