Global Launch in November: Earn up to 13% commission


Hi freind! We have three product launches this week. High commission and great price. 

Let’s take a closer look at these wonder items!

Product Name: Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier Filter HEPA

Normal Price: $69.99

Flash Price: $65.99 (From 4th Nov-4th Dec)

Main Features: 

WiFi connection: the air purifier can be controlled by smartphone APP (Smart Life) and AI voice assistant (support Alexa Google home).

Timer: Not only can set 2h or 4h timer on the P2, but also can set up your timer schedule on the App, no worries about forgetting to turn it off.

Noise reduction motor: provides cozy and quiet sleep environment for you at night. 35W rated power, 0.84 KWH daily consumption.

Commission Rate:

Product Name: ZHIYUN CINEPEER C11 Gimbal Stabilizer

Flash Price: $89 (From 4th Nov-4th Dec)

Commission Rate: 11.4-11.11 >>10%                                                                            11.11-12.4 >> 8% 

Main Features:

Steady Shots on the Go: The optimized C11 3-axis stabilizing system provides ultra smooth footage while you are shooting on the move, competing with those shot by camera slider.

Shooting Skills Equipped: No efffort utilizing shooting techniques and tricks in your footage: simply select from one of the four modes: Pan mode, Lock mode, Follow mode and POV mode and you’ll be able to unleash the creativity any time, anywhere.

Stay Powered up all Day Long: No worries of device running out of battery. Designed with a standard USB port, C11 can charge your devices with 5V/2A power output.

 Product Name: Alfawise Watch 6 47mm Smart Watch

Presale price: $39.99 

Global launch /Presale time: 11.04 10:00 -11.10 ( UTC+8 )

Stock info:  Be careful Nov 25 will have enough stock

Free gift: Alfawise Silicone Watchband Replaceable Watch Strap (500 Pcs)

Main Features: Cost-effective, is a mid-range product positioning, symbol Alfawise product market positioning, both the Huami GTR value, but also has all the comprehensive features of the basic smart watch.

Don’t hesitate to promote these hot products!


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    Dear Lovable,

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