Global Launch: 3% Commission Increase For 360 Smart Video Doorbell

Smart doorbells are taking over the world and are the latest craze in the home security market, both for safety and convenience.

The 360 D819 doorbell was just launched. It comes with a variety of features and three differentiating functions that you may not find on other doorbells selling on Gearbest, which are AI Face Recognition, violent demolition alarm, and 15s live video streaming.

Verdict: 360 D819 Smart Camera Doorbell & Xiaomi Doorbell & Ring Doorbell

This is a brand new product on debut. To get you off the bay, we’ve increased its commission rates by three percentage points during the first two weeks from the debut date. Let’s take an overview.

As we mentioned before, the 360 D819 doorbell is similar to many other doorbells on the market, but owns below three exclusive features that solve many consumers’ pain points while others not.

Easy Parcel Receiving

When the parcel is delivering, if you are not at home, the parcel may be returned, and the re-delivery requires additional fees. In this case, 360 D819 doorbell have two-way communication, you can place parcel at the front door or sent to the neighbor’s house, and because the doorbell is Real-time monitoring, so don’t worry about missing.

Violent Demolition Alarm

Violent demolition alarm is beeping when the doorbell was illegally disassembled. With the motion sensor PIR, the video will be 1s pushed to your phone if suspicious people stay in front of your door within 3 meters for over 15s.

AI Face Recognition

AI face recognition allows you to name a person after it appears several times, so as to accurately identify family members, friends, and strangers with over 99% accuracy rate.

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We know you’re selective about which item you should promote so that’s why we only increase commission on a product we think would really benefit your audience and worth your time. Happy promoting.  😛

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