Brand-Sale:High commission up to $50 & Chance to win 360 S6 Pro Vacuum Cleaner

When is Brand-Sale of Gearbest x 360 ?

Activity during Sept. 16 – Sept. 30 2020, UTC

Except high commission, what extra bonus can I get?

Top 1 best-selling affiliate will get a 360 S6 Pro!

(The person who sells the most 360 vacuum cleaners)


360 ranks number one in the Korean Consumer Satisfaction Award. This position can emphasize the overall performance and quality of this vacuum cleaner. This brand has some popular versions of vacuum cleaner units, for example, S6, S7, C50 and also S9. In this article, we are going to discuss four vacuum cleaner units that are offered by this company.


360 S6 Pro: Flagship Configuration, Highest Quality

Price: $448.99 

Commission: +3%, up to 12%   get $50/ pcs

Simply Smarter, Reliably Intelligent

Large battery & water tank: longer working time

2200 Pa superior suction: 20% increase in cleaning effectiveness

Double Intelligent Control: RF Omnidirectional + APP remote comtrol

Dual Noice Reduction Duct: noice as low as 53dB


360 S6: Best Price with Good Intelligent Cleaning Experience

Coupon Price: $289.99


Commission: up to 9%, get $26/ pcs

Intelligent Path Planned Cleaning

Smart Obstacles Avoidance & Full Protection: No damage to furniture and never fall down stairs

Self Recharging and Keep Cleaning: Easy housework

Forbidden Zone Set: No visual wall required

Smart APP Remote Control: Customized, Scheduled, Monitored


360 S7: Delightful Cleaning Helper

Price: $334.99

Commission: up to 9%, get 30.14/ pcs

Enjoy a Home Made Effortless Clean

Automatically Swich Sweeping & Mopping

Powerful but Quiet, Max Noice 65dB


360 C50: Lowest Price with Conprehensive Functions

Price: $149.99

Commission: +3%, up to 12%   get $18/ pcs

Designed for Small Spaces

2600 Pa Superme Suction: High cleaning effectiveness

360 Smart Navigation System: Fewer overlaps, higher converage

Convenient Controls: APP & IR remote control 

Slim and Smart: Diameter: 31.5cm, height: 7.9cm, size: 15% smaller


For more comparison between these four kind of vacuum cleaners, you can learn more in this passage:

Come on, let’s earn more~

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