GearBest Treasure Hunt Sale Incentive Campaign Summary

To support our awesome affiliates to better understand our incentive Campaign, we have prepared Multi-language versions: German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Polish.

Hey, Great Associates, to begin with, I’d like to say a massive THANK YOU for all your incredible support and hard work during GearBest Treasure Hunt Sale Incentive Campaign. Thanks to your active participation, we’ve hit a big success in this legendary campaign.


Now let’s count what we’ve achieved during the campaign in comparison with results made in last month.

  • Our combined Sales Amount was 72%higher
  • Our Order Quantity was 55%higher
  • The Average Conversion Rate skyrocketed by 202%

Naturally, with results this brilliant, it meant up to 1,000 Associates reached our special incentives goal to win the staggering bonus and sexy prizes. As our statistics reveal, the total bonus payout has reached $30,000 USD and more.

I will give you a comment to collect yourself later. But now, let’s cheer over the result of all the three incentive campaigns we’ve held on Aug 27 – Sept 10.


The result of our Incentive Campaign #1: Increase Commission by 3%

In the very first round of our Incentive Campaign, associates who’ve worked the hardest to increase their order quantity were significantly awarded by us.

To sum up, approximately 400 Associates had reached the target to win our awesome bonus — totally $15,000USD we’ve paid out.


The result of our Incentive Campaign #2: Extra $2200 Bonus to Top-performance Associates

On the belief that our top-performance associates should not be ignored, we’ve prepared $2200 bonus for those who scored top 3 sales amount,  top 3 order quantity, and the top 1 absolute increases of the both. Let’s cheer for them.


The result of our Incentive Campaign #3: Win Up to $4,000 Bonus

In the main event period, any associate who’d lifted their sales amount to a certain number could receive our incentive bonus.

Up to now, we’ve paid out a total incentive bonus of $25,000USD, with more than 600 associates claimed the money.


Every story has an end. But stay with us, every ending means a new beginning. Very glad to score a Bummer September Harvest with all of you, but let us expect even more in the future.

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