EARN EXTRA 2% COMMISSION from featured products on Gearbest International Stores

Hi, Awesome Associates, get ready for some good news! Did you know that GearBest has stores for different countries? That’s right, there are SEVEN GearBest stores online now: these include Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Russia, UK and USA! now! Each of these stores has prepared a series of cool promotion activities on their sites and they’re waiting for you to promote them.

So, as a nice, warm welcome for all our hardworking Associates, GearBest Associate Program Team will be increasing the Commission Rate of ALL the main promotional products by 2% across all the different GearBest websites: this is from May 16 (10:00 UTC) to May 23 (9:00 UTC).

Let’s dive right into the massive promotions on offer!

GearBest Spain Store

With the establishment of es.GearBest.com, customers can easily benefit from improved logistics for their orders. The products will be shipped directly from the massive warehouse at GearBest Spain. All Spanish residents can receive their orders in a few days and enjoy a superb 2 Year Technical Support Warranty, the same one offered by our flagship China and Hong Kong warehouses. This is the most important point for our Associates to promote! And this week, the Spanish site has prepared incredible promotion activities, such as up to 60% OFF bestsellers from different categories! Want more? There will also be some hot deals with ultra-low prices for you to promote for a BONUS 2% commission! Get the scoop!


GearBest Italy Store

It.GearBest.com is 100% designed for our amazing Italian customers. Most products are protected and covered by our 2 Year Warranty! Italian Express shipping is also included for all orders made via this portal. Our professional Customer Service staff will answer support queries in Italian. Orders will be shipped to Italy addresses via BRT Bartolini or GLS Italy. What’s more, electronic cigarette orders will now be safely delivered to our customers inside Italy – every e-cig product is available and fully discounted for our Italian customers. For this week, our Italy portal features some stunning promotion activities, with up to 70% OFF bestsellers across our most popular categories, including red-hot deals for Xiaomi Brand products. This makes it even easier for you to promote and score your BONUS 2% commission! Get more details!


GearBest Germany Store

After more than a year of technical design work and content creation, GearBest Germany is here! With comprehensive translation to German text, along with some incredible benefits: all orders to German addresses will be dispatched using Germany Express, full 2 Year Product Warranty provided on all items, shipments are made from our EU and China warehouses, access is available to our European Repair Center, dedicated Customer Service is provided by German-speaking Chinese employees. Prices were raised slightly to provide these additional services, better guarantees, and special benefits, but the online deals are still among the best in the world! de.GearBest.com is also holding a massive promotion featuring some of the hottest ever deals at a rock-bottom price for you to promote. Don’t miss out on your BONUS 2% commission, folks! Learn more!


GearBest Portugal Store

New to our website for GearBest Portugal? It’s a 100% dedicated online store for Portuguese customers. It contains products that are already fast tracked with the correct shipping requirements with minimum Customs clearance for Portugal – this means customers can buy everything direct from the CN, HK, HK-2 or ES Warehouses with zero worries. The advantages of ordering from our Portuguese Store, even though items are not shipped from a Portugal warehouse, are a great 2 Year Warranty, Customer Support provided in the Portuguese language, and product returns to Spain. This makes it much more convenient (and easy) for our Associates to promote and sell to Portugal residents! Our new portal site has prepared some great promotion activities, including up to 70% OFF bestselling products from different categories. This makes it effortless to get your BONUS 2% commission! Know more details!


GearBest Russia Store

Ru.GearBest.com, is the GearBest portal focusing on our many Russian customers, prices were slightly lower than the main Gearbest.com with 1 Year Warranty, Customer Support provided in the Russian language! And most of the orders are free shipment. Ru.GearBest.com is also holding a massive promotion featuring some of the hottest ever deals at a rock-bottom price for you to promote. Don’t miss out on your BONUS 2% commission, folks! Learn more!


GearBest UK/USA

Our popular uk.GearBest.com and us.GearBest.com websites have been established for a while. Stock availability of all listed products is updated in real-time to provide comprehensive information. Associates can also reassure customers that the order tracking and shipping systems are among the most advanced with accurate information. This efficient logistics makes these portals increasingly popular among the main English-speaking countries. This week, the two sites feature an epic Opening Sale covering Flash Sales and massive discounts for all the hottest categories. What’s more, there are red-hot deals for you to promote and score that sweet BONUS 2% commissionEarn more right here.


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