[Updated]Gearbest September Mega Sale 2019: What To Anticipate + #2 Incentive Campaign Revealed

[Updated on 09/04/2019]

Winners List of Gearbest Sept Sale Incentive #1

Congratulations to the winners of our Gearbest Sept Sale Incentive #1. Thanks for all your participation.

The Gearbest Sept Sale Incentive #2 keeps running hot. Check it below or miss out on the $3000 bonus forever!

Our Gearbest September Mega Sale 2019 keeps running hot. If you’ve been eyeing for great stuff and want to earn more than just receiving the regular product commission, there’s never been a better time to take part in our second round incentive campaign!

[Updated on 09/02/2019]

Incentive #2: Hit Sales Goals, Win $3000 Bonus

This is definitely what advanced associates will love and enjoy. We’ll use the sales amount you achieved from Sept 3-9 minus your sales amount achieved from Aug 27-Sept 2. If you hit a tiered sales growth target, you win a bonus for that tier.


  • To join the campaign, please email your affiliate manager before Sept 5 @UTC 16:00;
  • This incentive plan doesn’t apply to affiliates from Cashback or Coupon site.

That’s all for the Gearbest September Mega Sale 2019. Trust me, you’ll easily get the desired results as you take part in our campaign because products and prices in this shopping fest are really nice for your audience!

[Original story]

If Gearbest September Mega Sale 2019 sounds like something you think your audience will be interested in, then here’s what you associate need to pay attention to.

First thing first. Let’s take a look at the sales campaign timeline.

 Heat Up Period: 08/27/2019 – 09/02/2019 (@7:00 UTC)

 Main Period: 09/03/2019 – 09/09/2019 (@7:00 UTC)

 Hint: September 3 and 5 is estimated as the peak time to stimulate your sales.

Talking about the campaign highlights, there are three unmissable promotions you’ll have to take note of.

 NO.1 Crazy 24H Flash Sale 

We know that you are very selective with what to promote. From September 4 @16:00 -5 @ 15:59, 16 hot-selling products will be offered at the lowest ever price per day. 

 NO.2 Very Best Xiaomi Deals

New Arrivals from Xiaomi brand will be revealed and you will have to snap the deal. A Xiaomi exclusive coupon page will also be published, which is easier for Mi fans to select deals.

 NO.3 Half Price Deal Snap

In the preheat period, four types of products will be offered at HALF price once a day. In the main event, consumers can anticipate snapping half-price deals for twice a day.

Incentive #1: Get 5+ Orders, Share $500 Bonus

There are two incentive campaigns curated for associates. In incentive #1, $500 bonus will be shared with ALL associates who complete below three steps. 

Share our September Mega Sale Promo Page;

 Get 5+ validated sales from Aug 26 -Sept 2(@10:00 UTC );

Send the link proof to your affiliate manager before September 2 @10:00 UTC.

If ten associates completed below steps within the campaign period, each could win a $50 bonus ($500/10) on average.

Winners will be announced on September 3. On that day, we will also reveal our #2 incentive campaign (and this is definitely what our advanced associates will love and enjoy) — Achieve Sales Goals & Win Extra Bonus.

By then, Top Performancers Can Even Win $3000. Stay tuned and keep charging back on this blog post.


  1. Eu tenho um perfil no Instagram que gera muitos clicks por dia porém, fui informado que a GB não suporta rastreio no instagram mesmo contabilizando o número de clicks.

  2. Is there any one who support GB and the product quality of GB product is very disappointing last time my order two RGB remote control led was fused when I open my parcel then what about my name and fame if my supporters can buy a product on my reference and same thing happens with them. Then ? I tried many times but the tickets are already full with automatic messages and i lost my money then i throw my product in the garbage .

    1. Sorry for hearing that. Did you report your situation to the customer serive? The support team may replace you with a new uint if the problem really being so.

    1. Whether to use or not to use a hashatg totally depends on yourself. I personally think your hastag is okay.

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