GearBest Mid-Year Sale promotion Guide: Display and Media Purchase

Our affiliate manager go through a lot of publisher’s blogs and we always try to notice and understand why they display their post the way they do, so we decided to share with you guys by selecting a couple good tips and talk about how to display posts on the your blog or media buyer’s campaigns . The article will help all associates improve the Banner CTR and get more and more orders in our upcoming Mid-Year Sale .

The most worthy promotion of the page:Mid-Year Sale

Activity highlights:


Play Game Win Free Prize


This is an activity that will make the customer interesting. To celebrate the World Cup . We hosted this fun game page. As long as customer get enough game points. And Each customer has ONE FREE SPIN each day. Please checking below link Learn more info:




Lucky Wheel Game:


Mobile Exclusive Price events


Mobile buyer is one of our important clients channels. It’s a future shopping trend too. We offer the activity, customers use $10 can buy any three product on our activity page. This will stimulate customers to go crazy buying more products.  Please checking below WAP page link get more info:



What can we offer you?


Personalized Banner (JPG, GIF, FLASH)

Hot category/product

APP Exclusive Higgher commission Ratio

Dynamic Ads Banners

The latest information

Please visit HERE, Learn more how to get our banners from AD Center.



How to promote efficient?


Media Purchase: If you are a media buyer or Ads Network. Please target your more and more traffic to our game page and Mid-Year Sale page. And we allow you run POP traffic in Russia and Brazil GEOs during the Mid-Year Sale..


APP Promote: If you are a APP promotion expert or CPI media buyer. Please target your more and more traffic to our APP download page. It will help you get more APP orders . Please visit the LINK Learn more how to promote APP download.


Post Location:Place the banner in the best blog position. It’s for improve your banners CTR Please read the ARTICLE for get more tips about it.


Material: Add particular kind of promotion material to particular website. We will make different banner for different kinds of products. For example, put banners for “cellphone” on website about tech/cellphone.


Precision: Put on different materials according to websites’ sales performance. For example,put on banner for “Tablets & PC” if Tablet is the most popular product on the website.


Focus: it must be sure to highlight the focus of advertising. Either highlight the discount or highlight the new content


Placements: In general, the highest conversion rate is the top of the home page and the top left side. Second, on both sides of the page.


Color: According to data analysis, red and blue are the highest conversion colors.


Attention: We will update our ALL mid-year sale banners in our GAP system. Include our Dynamic Ads Banners. You can find them on AD Center. If you don’t know how to find it and use our banners. Please visit the Tutorial.



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