GearBest Mid-Year Sale promotion Guide: coupon site

Coupon Website has been a popular shopping channel for customers, you could earn a lot and attracts more customers by improving and well-operating merchant store page on your coupon website. Here’re some tips for you to boost your sales with Gearbest Mid-Year Sale.

You could find the most worthy promotion of the page:Mid-year-sale Promotion Homepage + World Cup Lucky Shoot-out Game Page


Why these pages are for you

Shopping guide on the homepage

10 units on the Flash Sale update every day (June 20 -July 9 @17:00 UTC+8)

Highest conversion rate up to 1.58%


How to boost your sales on Mid-Year Sale

  1. Renew detailed information of GearBest Mid-Year Sale (including scheduled time and great discounts info) on the top of Gearbest Introduction page of your coupon website.
  2. Newsletter all your customers with Gearbest Mid-year Sale promotion Homepage urls with our 10% OFF sitewide coupon “GBmidyear2018”
  3. Post World Cup Lucky Shoot-out Game Page to the top of your website and your linked SNS account like facebook, blog, etc. Play game and win one plus 6 4G phablet


What can we do for you?


Exclusive Coupon Code: 10% OFF Sitewide Coupon “GBmidyear2018” (Valid from 6.18-6.30)

Daily Coupon updates: please get newest coupons and offers from the network or our official affiliate blog

$5000 Bonus Incentive Plan: Increase your sales amount of June 17- July 2 and win up to $5000




Select the best place: Be sure to choose the location, when you published a coupon code on your website The best coupon will be placed in the most prominent position. If it is possible, we recommend that you put on your home page[and category pages].and category pages


Expand mobile market: It is certain that the mobile market will become the main direction in the future. Increase the proportion of mobile phones, so you make more money. For that, in particular, we offer an exclusive coupon code for the mobile device and App purchase.


With the forces: Why not take advantage of this event? We suggest you improve store details and write the specific time of the Mid-year sale of Gearbest In the store description. And we hope the description of a coupon with the Mid-year-sale If it is possible, we recommend that you send the newsletter to customers.

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