GearBest Mid-Year Sale promotion Guide: cashback site

1. What do customers want from cashback site?

– the high rate of cashback

– discount info: make our promotions known by customers through newsletters and banners on site to increase conversion rate. Add the shopping tips (such as the timetable and highlights of mid year sale ) for the customers on the page of GearBest introduction on your website.

– cheap price: recommend customers our coupons so that they can enjoy discounts while having the cashback.

-detailed introduction info: optimize the introduction and add more detailed information on Gearbest Store page of your website, let’s take the as an example:


Also complete gearbest introduction info and shopping guide on your linked SNS account like your official blog, the more details you offer on your page, the more conversion rate and customers you’ll get


2. What can Gearbest provide during Mid-Year Sale?

You can choose one of the two plans:

Plan A

– increase commission fee up to 6% for New Customers & 4% for Existing Customers during 2018.06.18 to 2018.07.02, but you can not take a part of incentive plan anymore.

Condition: At least 5% cashback has to be given to New Customers & 3% for Existing Customers, and our banner should be put on the Homepage.(during 2018.06.18 to 2018.07.02)

Plan B

Commission remains the same but you can join in the incentive plan. (Sales Increase of June 17-July 2 @15:00 UTC+8 VS June 1-16 @15:00 UTC+8)

Condition: Offering a Homepage banner during official time of Mid Year Sale ( 2018.06.18 to 2018.07.02)


1. How to get the promotion info and our coupons?

– feel free to contact your affiliate manager, we are willing to help you.

– keep an eye on the update of our ad. Materials on the network.

– We will put a list of coupon codes on the guide for the affiliate coupon site.


2.The most worthy promotion of the page:

  1. LUCKY SHOOT OUT GAME: Play Football and Win One Plus 6 4G Phablet

Try to do a giveaway on your website, we’re happy to be the sponsor for the prizes

  1. GearBest Mid Year Carnival Homepage:

Promote this page on the top of your website and Newsletter your customers about the numerous mid-year sales to bring as many as traffics to the homepage. That will definitely bring you a good conversion rates and boost your sales.

PS: 1.Whichever plan you choose, the email has to be sent to your affiliate manager before 20107.04

         2. The guide is not valid to all cashback sites that has already created a deep cooperation for Mid-year Sale with gearbest. Gearbest reservesthe final interpretation of the guide above.


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