[Winners Revealed] Mega Contest: Get $100 Bonus In 3 Simple Steps!

Updated: 07/12/2019

Congratulations on associates mentioned in below table chart, the winners of the $5 – $100 Bonus in our ‘Share Gearbest Community Giveaway’ contest!

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success!

Bonus has already been delivered to each winner’s associate account.

There are not enough associates who are both engaged and qualified for the prize.

That’s to say winning in our contest is EAISER THAN YOU THINK!

Stay tuned for our next contest!

Original Story:  

Hey folks.

Did you know you can provide fantastic games to inspire your audience while getting our incentive bonus? It’s true.

You are now presented with an opportunity to share three game pages in the Gearbest Community.

Simply attract your audience to click through…

Up to $100 bonus is all yours!

Prize & Winner Selection

The contest period lasts from 24 June 2019 to 5 July 2019 (both dates inclusive, UTC). We will make a ranking list of the total affiliate clicks achieved by contestants in this period.

Top 50 of our ranking list who also meets our lowest click requirements will be eligible for a related bonus.

How to Participate

Participating in this contest requires you to take three key steps.

 Step #1 Create a new Link ID 

To define your efforts clearly and accurately, a new Link ID must be attached to the end of the game URLs (click to know how to get a new Link ID using our tools).

When creating a promotional link for this contest, make sure you name ALL the three game page links as “GbContest”.

 Step #2 Share & Promote

Below three game pages MUST be shared to qualify for this contest.

To assist your promotion, here we’ve provided a marketing copy which you can use to paste to your own channels.

Game #1

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Giveaway in Gearbest Community, join for free!

Giveaway link: https://m.gearbest.com/community/84aLS4?lkid=39046490

 Contest Period: June 24 – 27

Game #2

Cubot Quest Lite Giveaway in Gearbest Community, 🤩 find more: https://m.gearbest.com/community/SG48SK?lkid=39046490

 Contest Period: June 28 – July 1

Game #3

Win an Asus Zenfone 6 ($599.99) for free, 🤩 find more: https://m.gearbest.com/community/CGufX5?lkid=39046490

 Contest Period: July 2 – 5

Please see the following screenshot as an example.

 Step #3 Notify Your Affiliate Manager

Contestants are required to provide the screenshot captures of their promoting proof, along with their newly-created Link ID to their Affiliate Managers. We receive your email before June 28 UTC+8.

We’ll keep track of your link performance and get you informed throughout the contest.

 Please email your affiliate manager in below format:

  • I have shared the game promotion pages you ask me to share: Game #1, Game #2, Game  #3.
  • This is the new Link ID that I use to do my sharing: ____ (Please enter your Link ID).
  • Here’s a screenshot to prove my work has been done: _______ (Please provide proof of your performance).

Winner notification

Winners will be announced on this blog post and our official Facebook page on 11 July 2019, and will be notified on by your Affiliate Manager within 1 week individually.


  • If two associates achieved the same amount of affiliate clicks, we would compare their sales amount generated on June 24 – July 5. Higher sales amount means higher rank.
  • By sharing the game pages in the Gearbest Community, your audience will be heading towards a chance to grab more Middle Sale coupons. You will still get a commission if they make a purchase.

That’s it, folks.

If you think there is something in the game-sharing which will appeal to your customers.

If you think our incentive bonus is desirable and achievable.

It’s time to take the 3 easy steps and rake in some amazing things!


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