Copywriting Made Easier: Steal Killer Sales Copy From Gearbest Community

Everyone knows better sales copy gets you more buyers.

And of course every associate should learn copywriting. But it takes time to get really good.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get high-quality marketing copy of Gearbest items that convert — for free?

Well, you can.

The Greatness Of Gearbest Community

Gearbest Community is a content shopping platform packed with info on quality goods, product reviews and more to help customers make smart purchases.

As to associates, it offers 4 wonderful things that’ll make your product converts like crazy.

1). Carefully selected products that have the potential to boost sales

2). Compelling product images and gif images that catch people’s eyes

3). Real reviews from real people who have already used the product 

4). Professional product descriptions that explain how Gearbest products help their consumers minimize or solve exact real-life problems.

Weekly Updated Offers

Below is a collection of the top deals on the Gearbest Community which are offered higher commissions for associates to sell them.

The list will be updated on every Tuesday with 3 insane deals. Keep charging back.

 Note: The products highlighted in red color will enjoy extra incentives. Stay tuned.

How To Steal Sales Copy From Gearbest Community

Sales copy in the Gearbest Community are convincing enough to make your site visitors pull out their wallets. So, how can you make it yours?

 Option 1: 

 Select a post which centers on the product you want to promote.

 Add your Link ID to the end of the post URL.

 Share to your own channels and get profit!

 Option 2: 

 Select a post which centers on the product you want to promote.

 Copy, paste and edit the sales copy to your own channels.

 Add your affiliate product and earn!

 Bonus Tip:

  • Simply append your lkid to the URL of the Gearbest Community so as to create a new affiliate link. Once you spread the link, all sales occurring from it will also be tracked and make you money.
  • All Gearbest associates are permitted to use content in the Gearbest Community at their disposal. But you’re also supposed to cite Internet sources by adding this to your affiliate site: Please note part of the post content comes from the Gearbest Community. 
  • Copy & paste content from the Gearbest Community while link-directing your web visitors to another e-commerce site is strictly prohibited.


  1. Gearbest community is AWESOME. I have no idea no how to write sales copy. So I used some of the content from the Amazfit GTS comparing post. As a result, I made $1000/month in sales promoting this product. I know that sounds insane (because I am a beginner affiliate), but it’s time to stop thinking small, and start thinking BIG! Thank you Gearbest you are the best.

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