GearBest Black Friday Incentive Campaign 2019 – Bonus Reach up to $5555

Double 11 incentive plan has ended, a lot of publishers win big bonuses in this campaign, we totally sent $36800 bonus to our publisher who joined this incentive plan.I know it’s not enough for you, don’t worry, there has a new plan again.

November always is the important shopping month in every year, Gearbest has an incentive plan of Black Friday & Cyber Monday for you to win up to $5555 bonus. Let’s see more details.

Before you join this plan,you Must Know something first:
  1. To join the campaign, please click here to participate/ before Nov 27 @UTC 23:59;
  2. This incentive plan doesn’t apply to affiliates from Cashback or Coupon site Or publishers who cooperate with additional cost. 
  3. All the bonuses will be sent before Dec 15.

We’ll use the sales amount between Nov 9  to Nov 13 @UTC 23:59 to count the incentive campaign. If you hit a level sales target between Nov 28 to Dec 2 @UTC 23:59, you win a bonus for that level .

For Example:

If your sales amount achieved from Nov 9  to Nov 13 was $1000:X=$1000;
And you hit a sales amount of $3500 from Nov 28 to Dec 2:Y=$3500;
Then your sales growth was $2500:Y-X=$2500;
So you’ll get an $100 bonus.

You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out on a chance that never returns again in the rest of the year.

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