GearBest Associate Program New Customer (NC) Incentive Campaign

To support our awesome affiliates to better understand our incentive Campaign, we have prepared Multi-language versions: GermanItalianFrenchSpanishPortugueseRussian and Polish


Hi, Amazing Associates, how time flies when you’re making money! Our awesome GearBest Associate Program started back in May 2016, so we are officially welcoming our 2nd Anniversary! Thank you for being amazing!

To celebrate and thank each and every one of our hardworking Associates for their incredible support, our GearBest Associate Team has organized an epic New Customers incentive Campaign. It’s time to get the scoop!

The Associates who gained more than 10 (inclusive) New Customers in April, if you gain more New Customers (NC) in May than in April, you will receive these bonuses:

  • Level 1: 0-500 Increase over April, get 1 US dollar per NC increase
  • Level 2: 501-1000 New Customers Increase over April, get 2 US dollars per NC increase
  • Level 3: 1000+Increase over April, get 3 USD dollars per NC increase

Note: 1. Only the associates who gained more than 10 ( inclusive) New Customers can join this incentive Campaign

           2. We have another massive Incentive Campaign featuring Explosive Sales Products, so the number of NC obtained from Explosive Sales Products will be subtracted from your Monthly NC total.

Worked example: If you gained 200 NC in April and 800 NC in May includes 88 NC from May Explosive Sales Products. That means you had an increase of 512 NC in May (800-200-88 = 512), taking you to Level 2. As a reward, you will get 2 US dollar per NC increase, earning you a nice $1,024 US dollar Bonus.

If you want to join this NC Incentive Campaign during May 2018, you need to register with your Affiliate Manager, this is the person in charge of the language, before May 30. The responsible affiliate staff member will communicate the bonus distribution time.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Hurry up, Associates! Let’s start promoting and gaining more New Customers to win that extra bonus. Don’t miss out!


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