[English] GearBest Associate Program June New Customer (NC) Incentive Campaign

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Hi, hardworking Associates, it’s time to count your New Customers Increase during May and apply for your Extra Bonus! Thank you for all your incredible hard work; our May New Customer (NC) Incentive Campaign achieved some truly stunning results and Associates have earned some superb Bonuses – it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

The good news is that, in June, we will continue our popular New Customer (NC) Incentive Campaign. However, in order to spread the benefit to even more Associates, we will be updating a few of our rules. Let’s check them out!

For our June Incentive Campaign, ALL our Associates can join it, whether they have gained new customers in May or not. Also, unlike our May Campaign, EVERY PRODUCT on the GearBest site (over 110,000!) is eligible. Promote anything you want, there is no restriction. It’s an incredible opportunity! If you can reach our Bonus conditions below, you can apply for it! It really is that simple.


  • Level 1: 30-500 NC Increase over May, get US $1 per NC increase
  • Level 2: 501-1200 NC Increase over May, get US $2 per NC increase
  • Level 3: 1200+NC Increase over May, get US $3 per NC increase 


Notes: All Associates can join this incentive whether they have gained New Customers in May or not.

Worked Example:

If you gained 200 NC in May and 800 NC in June. That means you had an increase of 600 NC in June, taking you to Level 2. As a reward, you will receive 2 US dollar per NC increase (600 NC), earning you a nice $1,200 US dollar Bonus!

If you want to join this NC Incentive Campaign during June 2018, you must register with your Affiliate Manager BEFORE June 30, 2018. This is the person in charge of the respective language. The responsible affiliate staff member will communicate the bonus distribution time and related information to you.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? It’s a great way to make some money for a fantastic summer. Hurry up, Associates! Start promoting and gain even more New Customers to win that extra bonus. Don’t miss out!

EXTRA TIP: We also recommend the June Explosive Sale products New Customers Incentive Campaign. This is specifically designed to attract new customers to purchase Explosive Sale Products with a higher commission rate! Don’t delay, check it out and earn even more!

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