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Great reviewers, let’s make a deal.

You can request a discounted or free product that you want.

Once you’re approved, we’ll ship the product to your home.

Then, try out the product.

Share with us your honest feedback.

Sounds good?

Follow my step-by-step instructions and GET YOUR FREE STUFF right now.

What’s your eligibility for approval?

1). Make sure your requested product is related to the general content of your channel. For example, if you are a health tip blogger, please don’t apply for a cellphone or tablet.

2). Make sure you will allow some room for your review content to be located in a visible area of your channel.

Product For Review – Get free or price discounted product

Log into our user control panel. Under Product Review, you’ll see two sub-menus: “Products for Review” and “My Reviews”. 

Under every product, there are two buttons relating to two different review types:

 Free to Get: fill out your personal information and shipping address to get the product for free.


1). Click to get the product will display three information of the product:

  • Items: how many items are currently available for associates
  • Applied: how many associates have applied to receive it
  • Price: the product listed price (in USD)

2). If you find the listed products are not your thing, please contact your affiliate manager for the specific product you desire.

 Discount to Get: get a price discounted item in two easy steps.

Step 1: Compare the item’s Original Price and your Available Balance, enter a discount price you want to apply with.

 Note: Your desired discount price must be higher than/ equal to the minimum price you need to pay, this is displayed, and differs depending on the product you choose.

Step 2: Complete the withdrawal details to confirm your application information.


If your application:

 Is approved: within 3 business days, we will set a unique coupon for you to obtain the requested product at the special discount price. We will email you once your request has been approved, the coupon code will be visible under “My Reviews”.

 Is not approved: any money deducted from your Available Balance will be refunded to your account. You can then decide whether to apply again using a higher price or not.

My Views – Check your application status and provide feedback

From here, the following application details are available:

1). All the products you have applied for

2). Discount type: Free to Get or Discount to Get

3). Application status: This will be Applied, Approval, Released

4). Any other relevant product details

You may use the search bar to find the exact review product you wanna check.

If the product status says “Released”, a “Submit a Review” Button will appear.

This allows you to provide feedback on your product experience.


  • If you don’t want to upload your files to the system each time you complete a review. You may also choose to email your affiliate manager with proof of your review.
  • It is important for associates to fulfill their review promise; this ensures we can approve further requests from you.

How to make a powerful review?

When you obtain the product, you’ll want to know how to make a product review that sells.

For YouTubers, you may check this post for templates and worked examples to follow.

For bloggers, this guide may be helpful for providing you some creative ideas.

Why did my request for product review be rejected?

If you were rejected for a product review, reasons can be the following:

1). The product you requested has nothing to do with the general content of your channel.

2). You’ve got no sales yet which makes it hard to earn our trust.

3). You’ve only had low sales while requesting a high-priced item.

Enjoy our friendly and easy to use process to apply for awesome and free products for review. Good luck!

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    1. We have two review styles. You can either choose to get stuff for free, get review product on a discount. You can decide what the discount price should be, but it will wait some time for us to check your request. Hope this answer will help.

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