Product Review New Format: Weekly Updated Items & Easier Way to Apply

Are you struggling to get GOOD products for review?
Expert reviewers, we have great news for you!
Here we’ve listed even more fantastic Gearbest products for you to review.
We’ve also designed a simplified, more intuitive way for you to participate.
Now you’ll be walked through every single step on how to get your review gear.

Check Available Review Items

 Don’t forget: The product table is updated every Thursday. Keep charging back for more review items!

Know How To Apply

 First, choose a product from the above product table.

 Second, email your affiliate manager to apply.

 Once approved, simply buy your chosen product from Gearbest.

 As you receive the product, start writing and sharing your product review on your affiliate channels.

Within 60 days of placing your order, the total commission you’ve gained from the review item should equal to (or exceed) the Commission Target listed in the product table.

In this case, we’ll refund the full amount of the purchase price to you; Otherwise, you may not get the refund.

 Where to see your refund: Go to your account dashboard: Payment Center > Withdrawals > Account Balance.


Remember to apply for the review items before the product deadline (listed in the table).

It’s time to grab some gear! First come, first served!

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