Tutorial 2: Know more about the “Home”

When you sign in to our GearBest Associate Program, you will see the following interface.

We will provide a short explanation of the main areas: (1) Home, (2) Ad Center, (3) Reports, (4) Payment Center, and (5) Help Center.

However, before I start to introduce these main areas, let’s follow me and check the upper right corner of our system, a message icon, account icon and language icon are visible.


Click the message icon, you can send email to your Affiliate Manager directly if you have any questions or wish to feedback about our program, our team will reply to you as soon as possible.

Clicking the account icon will reveal the following drop down options.


The “Basic Information” option displays your Registered Account Email, First Name, Last Name, Current Associate Level, Nationality, Contact Number, and Website.


Each of these fields can manually edited if required, and you can also reset your account password from this page. This is the only place where this information can be manually changed and it is the only place you can check your Associate Level, please ensure your information is always accurate and up-to-date.


Click the “Payment Information” to view and edit your payment information there.

On this part, you can finish your information of the payment methods: PayPal, WebMoney, and Bank Transfer.

When you register your account, it will automatically default to PayPal using your Account Email Address; this can be modified to another payment method after you sign in to your account. If you forget your transaction password, you can reset it here, but you need to apply for an Email Verification to reduce the risk from an unauthorized intruder.

Important: This is the only location where you can edit or change your personal transaction account details. Please carefully review your information, and ensure it is correct and up-to-date.

And when you shift your mouse to the language coin, you will find you can choose system language, and now our system just offer English and Russian. And other system languages will come step by step. Please wait and see.

And now, let’s start to know more about the Home Screen.

(1) Home Screen

On the “Home” screen, you can view the Latest News, Dashboard and Account Overview.

Latest News

The newsfeed is regularly updated to show our new policies, e.g. payment withdrawal information, promotional news, special offer, and so on; to be an effective affiliate, check this regularly so you can earn even more!


This provides an overview of your sales situation, earnings and daily, monthly and yearly metrics. We designed this area to give you a clear and concise understanding of your sales progress.

Account review

Detailed sales-related data is collated here: Sale Amount (USD), Commission (USD), Available Balance, Order Count, Clicks, Conversion Rate, and Bonus Received over the past 30 days. To view the results per day, click on “View Full Report”: Or you can check it via “Report – Performance”. Check this section regularly to receive precise sales information.

Hope you have got a better idea about the Account Center in the Gearbest Associate Program System. Stay updated and Follow us for new posts and promotions.


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