Checklist: How To Monetize On Gearbest 5th Anniversary Celebration

Chances are that you are among the 40+ million registered users who’re happy opening up their wallets in the upcoming Gearbest 5th Anniversary Celebration. 

But do you know what are the top 4 mind-blowing parts in this event?

Wondering are there any affiliate-only perks that you could capitalize on?

Ever wish to see a fresh new brand identity of Gearbest in its sixth year?

Well, there you have it! 

Brand Update + Event Timeline

Growing to become one of the industry-leading force, today, Gearbest is proud to

  • own 40 Million+ registered users on a global scale;
  • has a status of 218 in Alexa ranking system;
  • be high in the list of the world’s Top 30 online shopping websites.

Heading into its 6th year, Gearbest has refreshed its brand identity through two important changes:

Look, the new Gearbest logo is a black-and-yellow smiley icon transformed from G. It conveys a brighter, more energetic brand message. 

Simplified Slogan

Quality, Affordable, Fun.

Again, it represents the essence of Gearbest’s mission: to deliver a quality life to the world.

Hope you will like our new look. Well then, let’s get to the point.

This year, our celebration sales event is divided into two phases and lasts for ten days, with March 21th estimated as the peak day:

Highlights Of The 5th Anniversary Celebration

Although every part of our coming event is super great, your time and energy should first be focused on these 4 sections.

#1 24 Hours Flash Sale

Whenever you need to find a bestseller at its cheapest price, the 24 Hours Flash Sale section should be your first stop.

Brands Deal will be offered at every 24 hours throughout the whole event. Specifically, It covers the hottest product categories and a list of noted brand name that people trust and rely on. 

So you don’t have to persuade your customers into buying. Just spread the word, folks.

#2 Non-electronic Gadgets Craze

Non-electronic Gadgets are the 2019 promoting trend at Gearbest Associate. 

Following the trend, we will offer heavy discounts on a wide range of products across apparel, footwear, accessories, smart home goods, just name a few.

Customers can save 20% each on qualifying items when they purchase 2 or more, 30% when 3 or more. Trust me — there are some serious gems in there!

#3 Ultra Deliver Deals

Hooray! Customers shopping at overseas warehouses are expected to receive their packages within almost 5 days after they purchase. 

And, all customers can save $5 over $55, $15 over $150. What more could they ask for?

#4 Deposit Expansion

If your customers are a kind of discount-mania, then we strongly recommend you to introduce this game to them.

To explain, the game requires a customer to:

 Put a deposit between 03/13/2019 – 03/21/2019 

 Finalize his payment between 03/21/2019 – 03/28/2019 

By a certain time, his deposit will Get At Best Tenth Growth – which means a $5 initial deposit can turn into $50 discount at last!

P.S. If you are still confused, get clear here.

Legendary Incentive Campaign

This is something every affiliate can’t afford to miss out on.

Great as usual, our campaign will be divided into two sections – the preheat period and the main event. In the second part, we will compare your event sales with the sales you’d achieved in the same period of last month. Sizeable bonuses will fall upon who reach our sales goals.

Curious? We will reveal all the details on next Wednesday, March 6th. Stay tuned!

Back to You

Now that you know all the essentials of this anniversary celebration, put into practice. Encourage your customers to shop on our big day. Sharing is caring.

If you want to get your strategic event sales off to the best start, then click the left-hand notification bell to get further informed.

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