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Great News? No, it’s Awesome News… the GearBest 4th Anniversary is coming! There is an Epic Celebration Party coming to gearbest.com. And our GearBest Associate Team has been preparing another bumper bonus and commission earning party for our associates to celebrate this massive party!

GearBest 4th Anniversary

  • Warm Up(Mar 20-Mar 26): Get the Party started with Party Countdown Deals.
  • Main Event (Mar 26-Apr 2): Your Unbeatable Prices for stunning savings.
  • After Party(Apr 2-Apr 9): GearBest Gives Thanks… because you’re amazing.


Note: Completed (expired) incentive campaigns can be found further down the Advance Notice.

Hi Associates, enjoy the great deals of the warm up period of GearBest 4th Anniversary? Great! I believed all of you have a great increase of your Sales and looking forward to contacting your affiliate manager to apply your commission increasing for the After Party! But don’t worry, there is another incentive for you to win Extra Bonus: UP TO $5,000, let’s follow me to know how much extra bonus you can catch up with and win in the following days!

Main Event Period Incentive Campaign : Win Your EXTRA Bonus


1. If you meet the above conditions, please contact us to claim your bonus before April 6 (UTC+8). And we will pay you before April 20th.

2. GearBest Associates please CONTACT your affiliate managers, the Third Party Affiliates please contact your account managers.

Hurry up, Affiliates! It is really a crazy great time to promote, sell and win these extra bonus! GearBest Associate Team are all ready, what are you waiting for?Remember, you need to wait a year long for our GearBest Anniversary! Let’s start the engine and rock your sales!


Warm Up Period Incentive Campaign #1: Share to win up to $400 Bonus

Post or share the related content about the GearBest 4th Anniversary (the MAIN activity links must be included) to your social media channels. If the posts are forwarded, you will have a chance to win up to $400 Bonus.

The Main activity kink: https://www.gearbest.com/m-promotion-active-403.html

Channels: Facebook, twitter, vk.com ok.ru or any other social media

Activity Rules:

  1. The total number offorwards/shares across different channels can (E.g. If your post was forwarded 100 times on Facebook and 200 times on Twitter, the total number of forwards is 300 times).
  2. The top 10 affiliates with the highest number of combined shares will each win a prize.
  3. The minimum number of shares is 50 to participate in this activity.
  4. We will announce the full list of winners on March 30, 2018.  ( The result had been published on our GearBest 4th Anniversary Incentive Campaign Summary)

Note: If you wish to participate in this incentive campaign, please send screen shots and links to your Account Managers before March 26, 2018 @ 17:00 UTC+8 to take part. Don’t miss out!


Warm Up Period Incentive Campaign #2: Win Higher Commission Rate

March 20-26 is the Warm up time of our GearBest 4th Anniversary Party; you can get a chance to win a higher commission rate during the After Party (Apr 2-10).

Sales Amount of March 20-26 vs. Sales Amount of March 6-12

If your sales amount increased by 30%, your commission rate will increase by 1% for NEW customers;

If your sales amount increased by 40%, your commission rate will increase by 2% for NEW customers;

If your sales amount increased by 50% or more, your commission rate will increase by 3% for NEW customers.

Qualify for a commission bonus? 

Please email your affiliate managers (Third Party Affiliates should contact their account managers) BEFORE March 30, 2018 (UTC+8) to apply for your commission increase. We will increase the related commission rate for you starting from April 2 @ 10:00 UTC+8; it will last until April 10 @ 10:00 UTC+8! So, hurry up and don’t miss out on your extra cash!

  •  You can find our Incentive Campaign List on our GearBest Associate Program (see the following image). Get the scoop and know your potential!

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