The hottest GearBest 2018 Mid-year Sale is upcoming, get the scoop now!

The mid-year is worth celebrating. It’s a significant time node for you to look back and make better plans for the rest of months. GearBest always holds some big activities to celebrate your every important moment, just like this epic Mid-year Sale. In case you miss the big savings, we offer you an overall arrangement of the GearBest Mid-year Sale.
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GearBest Mid-year Sale timeline

GearBest Mid-year Sale will start early with our monster 618 Promo Sale on June 17 and end with the Treat Yourself encore on July 9. The specific activity time is as below:
618 Carnival: June 17 @ 7:00 UTC – June 20 @7:00 UTC
– Enjoy your special 618 privilege: 618 Lightning Flash Sale, Unmissable Deals, 618 Lucky Bags, $10 for 3 Items, Epic Flagship Brands
Mid-year Sale Launch: June 20 @ 7:00 UTC – June 25 @7:00 UTC
– Release your passion with our World Cup 2018 Kick off Sale! And play games, win epic gifts.

Price Meltdown: June 25 @ 7:00 UTC – July 2 @ 7:00 UTC
– GearBest Mid-year Sale is in full swing. Embrace the biggest promotion with over 50% OFF Maximum Discount Markdowns.
Treat Yourself: July 2 @ 7:00 UTC – July 9 @ 2:00 UTC
Seize the Encore Deals with our generous Last Chance Saloon.

GearBest Mid-year Sale highlights

Want to save a big fortune? Do pay attention to the following carnival highlights:
● Shopping Guide: Get the scoop with Money Saving Secrets Revealed!
● Triple Saver Specials: $10 for ANY 3 Items with hundreds of products to choose from.

● Lucky Bags: Get lucky with our always-popular Lucky Bags from just $0.99.
● Cool Add-Ons: Pay just $2.99 for the best ice-cool treats.
Still not enough? You can also play our World Cup Shoot Out Game to win OnePlus 6 flagship phone ($700). Spin our World Cup Lucky Wheel to win the awesome Alfawise U20 DIY 3D Printer ($299.99). And much more.
Last but not the least, every order over $80 will win you an opportunity to choose a surprising gift for free. Here, one thing to note is that the free gifts are only limited to the first 1,500 customers. So if you don’t want to miss the lucky gifts, you’d better be fast.

Bottom line

Are you ready for diving into our exciting GearBest Mid-year Sale carnival? Here, everything is ready for you: the best gears, the lightning flash sale, the ridiculous discounts, the funny games, and the luxury gifts, etc. Do join our carnival on time and scoop the scorching summer savings.

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