Gearbest 11.11 Shopping Festival is Coming!

What is Gearbest’s 11.11 Shopping Festival?

11.11 Shopping Festival has become a popular promotional festival on global online shopping sites.

Gearbest’s 11.11 Shopping Festival is our biggest sale in 2020, even more than Black Friday. 

A total of 1 million big coupons, free Xiaomi Mi 10T Smartphones, well-known brands are promoted at half price, and there are millions of products with up to 70% OFF!

All of these, all in Gearbest’s 11.11 Shopping Festival! 

Are you ready?

To get an idea of the best 11.11 Shopping Festival on Gearbest, keep scrolling.   


Gearbest 11.11 Shopping Carnival is COMING 2020!

The sales event will last for 2 weeks. 

The Pre-sale Time: 7:00 Nov. 4 – 7:00 

Nov. 10, 2020, UTC

The Main Period: 7:00 Nov. 10 – 7:00 Nov. 13, 2020, UTC

The Back Promotion: 7:00 Nov. 13 – 7:00 Nov. 16, 2020, UTC

What Gearbest’s 11.11 Shopping Festival 2020 Can We Expect?


Saving is earning!

With coupons, you can get your favorite products at discounted prices!

So how do you get these big coupons? 

There are three ways: 

① Gearbest’s 11.11 Shopping Festival Main Site. 

From Nov. 4 to Nov. 9, Gearbest will provide 20 coupons that $30 OFF Over $100, 

20 coupons that $20 OFF Over $50 at 0:00 and 12:00 (UTC) every day. 

From Nov. 10 to Nov. 13, Gearbest will provide 20 coupons that $50 OFF Over $100,  20 coupons that $20 OFF Over $50 at 0:00 and 12:00 (UTC) every day.   

Tips: big coupons are limited. Maybe you should set the alarm clock in advance.

Coupon When Qty. How
$30 OFF OVER $100 Nov.4 – Nov. 9, 0:00, 12:00 (UTC) 120 Stay Tuned
$50 OFF OVER $100 Nov.10 – Nov. 13, 0:00, 12:00 (UTC) 60 Stay Tuned
$20 OFF OVER $50 Nov.4 – Nov. 13, 0:00, 12:00 (UTC) 180 Stay Tuned

② Paypal Payment

During the 11.11 Shopping Festival, as long as you use PayPal to pay when you check out, you can enjoy a $3 or $5 discount. Of course, how much the discount depends on the amount of your order.

At the pre-sale time, you can enjoy $3 off over $50

At the main period, you can enjoy $3 off over $20 and $5 off over $80. 

③ Spin The Wheel

In addition to the above two ways, you can also win coupons through Spin The Wheel.
Stay Tuned

2. Win Big Prizes For FREE

In addition to winning the coupons, we also set up a lot of free prizes in the lucky draw! 

Just spin the wheel, you will get good luck!

All customers, all users, all readers, please lock the Gearbest, and don’t change the channel, don’t miss the super prize!


When: Nov. 4 – Nov. 10

Prizes List:

Stay Tuned


Another lucky draw activity is APP exclusive, that is, if you are browsing Gearbest from the PC, you will cant view and participate in this activity. 

You’d better download Gearbest APP to join the event. 

Of course, your chances of winning the prize will be much bigger.

When: Nov. 4 – Nov. 10

Prizes List:

Stay Tuned

By the way, the exclusive benefits of APP are not just Giveaway. 

Also includes:

√ $0.11 Flash Sale

√ $1.11 Flash Sale  

√ $11.11 Flash Sale  

√ 3 For $11.11 Bundle Sale

√ 3 For $111 Bundle Sale  

Go To Our APP Now >>

3. Well-known Brands at Ultra-low 50% OFF Deals Every Day!

Xiaomi, Alfawise, Ortur, Yeelight, Teclast, Oclean, Lenovo, Tocwris……Gearbest has teamed up with hundreds of brands to offer ultra-low half-price discounts for the 11.11 Shopping Festival. 

From Nov. 4 to Nov. 9, at 8: 00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 (UTC) every day, you can buy these big brands of hot-selling products at a 50% discount on Gearbest!

Big Savings, No Waiting!   

Enjoy Now >>

4. Best Deal of The Year

72 Hours Time-limited Sales

Hurry! Sale Ends in 72 Hours!

This means that you can only enjoy the discount if you place an order within 72 hours. Considering that the best-selling products may be sold out soon, we recommend that you add your favorite products to the shopping cart in advance! 

5. Category Site

①  Enjoy Xiaomi’s Great Savings

Get Up to 50% OFF

Oh, my God, I can’t believe RedmiBook 16 Laptop costs only $828.99 and Mijia LCD Writing Board costs only $11.99.

There are also many Xiaomi brands and Xiaomi ecological products are in the ranks of this discount, which is undoubtedly a great good news for Xiaomi fans!

Beat Xiaomi Picked Deals >>

② Smart Electronics & Security

Electronic Heaven Flash Sale

The AMAZFIT GTR 47mm was once the favorite smartwatch for Gearbest customers. Now, during the Gearbest Mid-year sales, it costs only 99.99!

Needless to say, it’s the best time to have it! 

Time to Save >>

③ Phones, Laptops & Mobile Accessories High-Quality · Fast Shipping · Attentive Service
Because of the high price, it is obviously not so cost-effective to buy a laptop or phone at ordinary times.

The good news is that at the Gearbest Mid-year sales, almost all Gearbest phones and laptops will fall to an all-time low price. 

Suprise Price >>
④ 3D Printer & Laser EngraverDIY Made Effortless & Easy
For those who are still at home or want to kill time with DIY, now is the best time to order for 3D printers and laser engraver! 

If it were me, I would definitely buy Artillery Sidewinder-X1 at the Gearbest Mid-year sales. It’s probably the most worth buying 3D printer on Gearbest! 

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⑤ Outdoor Fun & SportsSamebike Electric Bike Deals
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⑥ Home, Tools & AppliancesDoorbusters & Thousands of Deals
Low Price Over >>
Got your credit card ready?All in all, the best practice is to add the product that you like to the shopping cart or “Favorites” immediately!


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