[Feb 20–27] Earn Up to 12% Commission with Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light

In our 4 Tips for Pinpointing A GearBest Product to Promote article, we’ve already said one of the golden principles for affiliate product selection is that affiliates should always find something unique.

Your conversions might be very low if you keep promoting something that has already had a saturated market or doesn’t have a strong feature to attract your audience’s heart.

Here we select a piece of hidden gem from tens of thousands of GearBest products.

Ok, let’s dive into today’s Weekly Star Gear. 

Product Name: Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )

Normal price:$32.87

Coupon Price: $27.99

Coupon Code: GBLED911802

Help Save: $4.88 (15% )

Commission Policy:

12% for NEW customers / 8% for EXISTING customers (Feb 20–27 @ 09:00 UTC)

Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light is a newcomer to the Xiaomi eco-system product chain.

The biggest bang for this night light is that it provides double use for product owners.

Not only can it serves as a wireless charger for your mobile phone, but also can the detachable part give you strong and luminous night light lighting.

Let’s take a closer look.

Innovatively combining two functions all in one device, the wireless fast charging side of this night light supports the mobile phone wireless fast charging. It is great for:

  • Wireless Charger – The intelligent charging completely gets rid of the wire winding. You can charge ANY device that can be wirelessly charged. Just put it on the rechargeable panel of the base. It can charge efficient, safe and stable.
  • More convenient – Yeelight wireless charging night light, using imported chipset, wireless fast charging technology, intelligent compatibility, making mobile phone charging more convenient.
  • Wireless fast charging design – The Yeelight unlimited charging night light, motherboard safety design with overshoot protection and current and voltage regulation design, overvoltage protection, charging tips, foreign object identification, ensuring charging safety, can be on keys, scissors, etc. Automatic identification of metal materials, automatic power-off for foreign objects, avoiding safety hazards.

In addition to the powerful wireless charging function on the left side, the magnetic night light on the right side is also full of charm. The main features include:

  • Removable magnetic night light, unprecedented “magnetic” field charm – the night light can be separated from the magnetic design. After separation, it can rely on magnetic adsorption on the surface of home appliances, the night light “love” magnetic force makes life more warm and harmonious.
  • Warm yellow light – Giving the night a warm guardian, using 2700K warm white, comfortable and warm light color temperature, no dazzling feeling at night, with professional optical design, guarding the family’s sleeping environment.
  • Patented magnetic positioning – Patented magnetic positioning design and the 180° magnetic alignment will greatly satisfy your needs, whether you are a student, office worker, children or the elderly.
  • Automatic night-time charging of small night light – the wireless charging board can charge night light. Just 3 – 4 hours of charging, the warm yellow light continuous lighting time can last up to 24 hours, cool white light up to 11 hours.

 Among the countless series of products belonging to the smart home ecosystem of Xiaomi, Yeelight certainly is a brand preferred by most GearBest affiliates.

This week, the uniqueness and creativity of the light, along with our generous commission ratio is sure to make you big bucks.

May the power of Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light be with you. 


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