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To support our awesome affiliates to better understand our incentive Campaign, we have prepared Multi-language versions: GermanItalianFrenchSpanishPortugueseTurkishRussian and Polish. 

Sorry to remind you GearBest Treasure Hunt Incentive Campaign #2 has come to an end, but we would like to remind you that today we will give the final result of our illustrious campaign. Let’s celebrate the winners who got the fruit of our competitive contest!


From August 29th @ 15:00 UTC+8 to September 10th @ 15:00 UTC+8


 August 29th @ 15:00 UTC+8 – September 10th @ 15:00 UTC+8 VS August 15th @ 15:00 UTC+8 –August 28th @ 15:00 UTC+8



Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never quit. I’m proudly to announce the final result, and I must admit that, every associate who wins truly deserves the prize.

Thanks again to all who participated in our great GearBest Treasure Hunt Incentive Campaign. As to those who don’t win, you can either await our next incentive campaign, or follow us on Facebook. Here we will hold many beautiful giveaways, and it only takes you one free-minute for a chance to win.



If you met the conditions to win the Bonus, please hurry to contact us to claim your bonus ASAP before September 13th @ 16:00 UTC+8:

Incentive Campaign#3 (Sept 3-Sept 10): Win Up to $4,000 Bonus


1.This incentive plan does not apply to associates from Cashback and Coupon sites.

2.If you meet the above conditions, please contact us to claim your bonus before Sep 14th(UTC+8).

3.GearBest Associates: please contact your affiliate managers; Third Party Affiliates should contact their account managers. They will help you arrange your Incentive Bonus.

You can think of it as the greatest chance to get unprecedented bonus. Let’s start your engine to promote and rock the sales NOW!


Hi folks, 2018 GearBest Treasure Hunt Sale is setting the summer on fire, and along with it, our new Incentive Campaign is here to blow your mind. Both campaigns are divided into 3 phrases, let’s check the scoop now:

2018 GearBest Treasure Hunt Saletimeline:

  • Warm up

Treasure Hunt: Aug 29 @ 15:00 UTC+8 -Sept 3 @ 15:00 UTC+8

–Join our massive Treasure Hunt full of glittering deals!


  • Main event

Deal Vault: Sept 3@ 15:00 UTC+8 -Sept 10 @ 15:00 UTC+8

–Behold! Our epic Deal Vault opens with insane bargains!


  • Return event

App-Exclusive Game: Sept 10 @ 15:00 UTC+8 -Sept 17 @ 15:00 UTC+8

–The final countdown! It’s your last chance for discounts!


GearBest Treasure Hunt Sale Incentive Campaign timeline:

  • Incentive Campaign#1 (Aug 27-Sept 2): Increase Commission by 3% ;
  • Incentive Campaign#2 (Aug 29-Sept 10): Extra $2200 Bonus to Top-performance Associates ;
  • Incentive Campaign#3 (Sept 3-Sept 10): Win Up to $4,000 Bonus


Incentive Campaign#1  Increase Commission by 3%

To get our diligent associates in the mood, GearBest is going to turn up the heat with crazy Incentive Campaign#1.


1.If you meet the above conditions, please contact us to claim your bonus before September 4th@ 16:00 UTC+8.

2.GearBest Associates: please contact your affiliate managers; Third Party Affiliates, please contact your account managers. They will help you to arrange your Incentive Bonus.


Incentive Campaign#2  Extra $2200 Bonus to Top-performance Associates

On the belief that our hardest-working partners should be highly appreciated, we’ve prepared superb prizes and bonuses for associates winning remarkable results. See blow:



We will release the list of Prize Winners on September 13th in our blog. Please follow us and see if you are on the list.

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