Revealed: Fresh New Associate Tasks and Exclusive Perks You Can Get Today

Are you a dynamic and budding affiliate who thinks affiliate marketing is a daunting task?

Don’t fret! 

We’ve set three incredibly simple tasks to kickstart your affiliate journey.

Even better, you’re guaranteed to win some really cool stuff.

Interested? Then keep reading further…

How can I become eligible to participate?

What are the game rules?

# Task 1

If you SHARE this page to your social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, etc) and achieve 150 LIKEs within one week.

You will enjoy a full 1% increase in your commission rates for next month.


  1. If you share the promotion to Facebook, please tag @GearbestAssociateProgram.
  2. The commission rate increase will be valid during next month only.
  3. The total amount of LIKEs will be counted from ALL social media channels.

# Task 2

If you share more than three (3) Gearbest promotions or deals to your marketing channels and obtain over 100 Affiliate clicks within a week.

Next month you can select any one of your orders – we will offer double the order commission.


# Task 3

Once you sign up as an affiliate, in your first week of activity, achieve a single sale over $10 will lead you to receive double commission for that sale.


View your sales stats: User control panel > Reports > Performance > Sale Amount (USD)

How can I claim my bonus?

Please email your affiliate manager in below format:

  • I have finished my new associate task: ____(Please fill in the task title).
  • I use this email account to complete my task: ____ (Please enter your email address).
  • Here’s a screenshot to prove my work has been done: _______ (Please provide proof of your performance).


  • Affiliate Manager email address:
  • Contest time: Now – May 30th @ 24:00:00 UTC+8.
  • Bonus should be claimed before June 10th.
  • Incentive 1, 2 and 3 are independent of each other. You can choose either one to join or all three during the same period.

Where and How Can I Pick a product To Promote?

Many newbies do not know how to choose a product to sell,

To make things easier for you, here we provide some of our best picks.


Let's do a math:

Xiaomi Product + Coupon = Sales ☀

More Less
Expired on: 30-04-2019

With fantastic 22% discount OFF, you will help your customers save $16.47 USD. ♫♫♫

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Expired on: 27-04-2019

Snap the deal ♪♪♪ Your customers will thank you for getting them a 37% discount OFF!

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Expired on: 29-04-2019

Double commissions. Increased commission rates.

If that’s what you want, then today is the day you step up and score the prize.


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