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Hi, Amazing Associates, how time flies! Our GearBest Associate Program started back in May 2016. That means this month is our birthday for all of us, folks – we’re officially ONE year old now! Thank you for being amazing! Thank you for being with us on this incredible journey!

For thanks for all the incredible support from our hardworking associates. Our Gearbest Associate Team have organized an incentive campaign on our Program System which will start from July 1st, and if you reach your own goal we set for you,  you will receive the related bonus on your account at 16:05 UTC on August 1st.
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For being so awesome (and to help you guys earn more money), we’ve compiled a short guide on how to attract even more new customers and boost your sales! It’s easier than you think and, with our special bonus commissions for new customers, you’ll be boosting your earnings in no time!


1.Ever wonder which product categories have the strongest ability to attract new buyers?

Here’s the scoop: based on our data, there are several product categories that have shown strong potential to attract new buyers. Our numbers reveal that new (recently released) product categories within Appliances and Beauty (e.g. Electronic Scales) are popular, while older product categories from Toys & Hobbies, Consumer Electronics, Electrical & Tools, Computers & Networking, and Apple Accessories tend to dominate for new customers.

2.Which price range of products do new customersprefer?

The short answer is: it depends. As you can appreciate, price sensitivity will vary between different categories. Generally speaking, items which are priced under 40 USD have the most success because this is also within the impulse buying price. But, as we noted, some categories are naturally cheaper or more expensive than others. Try to experiment and see what results you get, but under 40 USD is a natural sweet spot.

 3.What short-term activities will attract the most new customers?

You can definitely count on the GearBest June promotion to pull in the new customers! Mark it down on your calendar, folks. We will be offering all kinds of cool promotions every week on our blog, please subscribe in time to get the lowdown on what’s selling and hot right now.

4.Which long-term sales pages can help to bring in new buyers?

There are several Regular sales pages at our website that have a proven track record in racking up the sales.

Our New Customer Coupon Page
gearbest lightning flash sale
Awesome $0.99 Deals Page
gearbest lightning flash sale
Daily Top Coupon Page
gearbest lightning flash sale
Spinners Promotion Page (SUPER HOT SALES):
gearbest lightning flash sale
Lightning Flash Sale Page
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 5.Which are the brand champions that generate great results for attracting new customers?

Here you go, there are Xiaomi;ElephoneTeclastCube; Vernee; beelink.

Firstly, these brands are famous and trusted brands from China deliver unprecedented price-performance compared to mainstream brands. Secondly, their gadgets which combine a great price, are practical and feature high quality are perfect for bringing in the sales. Our advice is to combine both points and watch the sales stack up!

6.What activities can our affiliates plan and deploy to attract New Customers?

In our experience, giveaway activities can be incredibly attractive to customers because they are high impact and high focus events. Our Affiliates can push giveaway activities to attract more customers. We can also try to offer some GB Points or Gift card to support these activities (we will review them case-by-case). Please contact us if you require assistance, we’re here to help to boost your sales!

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  1. olá como faço para criar um link vocês poderia ajuda em um passo a passo ja tentei mais não consigo criar um link igual vejo de paginas no facebook aqueles links encurtados. por favor ajudem

  2. Hello! Why have reports not updated since the 28th? Neither clicks nor sales are being recorded, several people bought through my link and no sales and no clicks have been registered since the 28th.

    1. hello, due to a technical issue affecting the GearBest Associate Program, there may be issues affecting the tracking system from May 28. Our IT staff have since resolved the issue and system performance has been fully restored on 31st May, @10:46 UTC+8. The data of the affected period(May28-30) is in process of recovery. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that may have been caused. Thank you for understanding!

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