[Aug22-29] Earn Up to 13% Commission with Zeblaze Smart Bracelet

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Where are our diligent associates who are in search of a powerful smart band that would hit their wallets? This is a very good opportunity to get something really nice for our affiliates who believe their customers’ health matters, and are longing for a solid deal. Let’s go to meet our Weekly Star Gear Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet!


Product Name:  Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet

Original Price: $31.51

Coupon Price: $ 25.99

Coupon Code: Crystal2

Commission: 13% for NEW customers / 7% for EXISTING customers (August 22-August 29 @ 09:00 UTC)




A piece of effective smart watch is something that everyone will love to own, since it makes us healthier, makes our life easier, and is usually offered at an affordable price. Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet is an awesome smart bracelet with a high price-performance ratio that will bring you much more traffic. It’s now available at GearBest.com at $ 28.99 after flash sale. But by applying the coupon (code: Crystal2), it only costs $ 25.99, which means our caring associates can help their customers bit $ 3.99 further. What’s more, our commission rate for this profitable product are also kind and generous: 13% for NEW customers / 7% for EXISTING customers (August 22-August 29 @ 09:00 UTC).


Now let me enlighten you as to why this product deserves of being promoted. At the sight of this smart watch, you will be attracted by its outgoing appearance different from the other watches on the market. Featuring exquisite dial, touch and switch, it marks your style in a delicate manner. Besides, there are three colors of aluminum frame that you can choose from: black, blue eyes, and chestnut red. The firm case is matched with Japanese imported paint, simple and pure without losing texture.


One of the main purposes of a fitness band is to track various stats. Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet is a perfect tracking device, which places it on par with other fitness trackers. This wristband permits one to get sports steps, heart rates,sleeping time, distance covered, and calories at any time. You can also view the data it tracked, compare and analyze them once your cellphone is connected. People who think their health conditions count will make it their never-go-wrong choice.


What is the best thing about Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet is that, it can significantly make your life easier. It will always inform you when there is an incoming call and even in a noisy environment, you will still be alerted. The band is now compatible with more than 200 Android and iphone devices, all your statistics and exercise status will be shown on the digital display“WearHealth”.  With all the functions turned on, it can last for 5-7 days after fully charged.

At last, let’s count down top selling points of Zeblaze Crystal 2 Smart Bracelet: see the heart rate chart, optimize fitness; grow healthier; make life easier; shorten the loading time; better resistance to water; compatible with more smart phones. All this combine to deliver a powerful bracelet. Promote it NOW, if you want to expand your customer base, strengthen business connection with us, and get a killer deal!

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