[Update] Yes, This Is The Full Story Of Gearbest 5th Anniversary Incentive Campaign!

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[Latest Update: 03/19]

Hi, comrades. Thank you for being a part of our incredible journey to bring the Gearbest 5th Anniversary Incentive Campaign to life.

Here are some updates on how our Main Event is coming along.

In the main event, the sales amount you’ve achieved between Mar 12-16 and Mar 19-23 will be calculated and compared. 

By the end, associates who complete our sales targets are eligible for an Incentive Bonus. Top performers can win $5555 bonus.


  • This incentive plan does not apply to associates from Cashback and Coupon sites.
  • If conditions met, please claim your bonus before April 5th.
  • GearBest Associate: please contact your affiliate manager; Third Party Affiliate should contact your account manager.

 What’s Crazier:  

On top of the events we’ve mentioned in the anniversary shopping guide, there is another shopping part with the broadcast room, coolest coupons, and top brands like FIDO, rockbock, and JGAURORA filled the page.

It can be a gold mine for shoppers searching for Brand Gadgets and Black-Friday-only discounts. If that’s you, no more hesitation!

[Original Story: 03/12]

The Full Story Of Gearbest 5th Anniversary Incentive Campaign Is Finally Here.

OMG, the $255 gift package and $5555 extra bonus are just too good to pass on…

If visions of scoring big prizes are already dancing in your head, read on.

Get to know the rules and go for it.

5th Anniversary Incentive Campaign Timeline

As previously mentioned, our anniversary incentive campaign is divided into two phases, and lasts for 11 days :

  • Pre-heat Period – Explode Traffic Flow, Win Gift Package: Mar 13-19 (@7:00 AM UTC)
  • Main Event – Achieve Sales Goal, Score Extra Bonus: Mar 19-23 (@7:00 AM UTC)

#Pre-heat Period: Easy To Win Up To $255 Gift Package

In the first stage, we kindly make two incentive plans for those beginning affiliates. 

 Plan A: For who failed to make any sales during Mar 1-12, we want you to:

  • Post something sweet about the Gearbest 5th Anniversary Shopping Party on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever you have a voice;
  • Embed THIS LINK on your post with your affiliate Ikid added to the end of the URL.


When your affiliate clicks hit 50, sales volume grow up to $100 during Mar 13-19, you’re qualified to claim a $5 bonus.


  1. The “Affiliate clicks” here doesn’t mean the clicks you get from a single post, but mean the total traffic you bring in during Mar 13-19.
  2. Per person one entry. Multiple posts made by one person on different media will be counted as no more than once.
  3. Email your affiliate manager with your work proof screenshot before Mar 19. Otherwise, your marketing efforts would not be recognized and valued.

 Plan B: This plan is open to ALL. Concerning your affiliate level, we’ll:

  • Set a sales goal for you to climb up;
  • Compare your affiliate clicks/sales volume achieved on Feb 27- Mar 6 (@7:00 AM UTC) and Mar 13-19 (@7:00 AM UTC).

Completion of our goals will earn you a tiered prize regarding your performance and affiliate level.

 How To Enter:

Send an I WANT TO JOIN email to your affiliate manager before March 31st.

#Main Event: Happy To Get Up To $5555 Extra Bonus

To a lot of ambitious associates, joining our main event is the best way to go.

That’s because top participants can win $5555 Extra Bonus, let alone the tons and tons of orders and commissions achieved during the period.

If that’s your aim, be sure to keep an eye on this post for the main event final details on March 19.

Marketers, if you love this campaign and think our awards are compelling while achievable.

Then NOW is the time to take action and get started!

The clock is ticking on… happy promoting. 

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